Demo version of EXO’s upcoming track “Wolf” leaked?

It seems a demo version of a track called “Wolf” was leaked on the internet earlier today. While small snippets were revealed around 24 hours ago, a full leak showed up during the day.

“Wolf” starts off as a rap driven track with a deep beat, showcasing a completely different style from the group’s debut mini album, “MAMA,” and its tracks. Due to the production value and random addition of samples, it’s highly likely that this version of the track is still in its early stages and was just used as a demo.

Rumors of this track being EXO‘s next title track or pre-release song were initially cast off as being not true but the website of MSA Agency shows that choreographer Tony Testa has worked on a choreography for an EXO song called “Wolf.” While some people have also mentioned that it was added to Tony Testa‘s page on the same website, no evidence of that can be seen at this moment.

EXO is expected to make its return with a new release next month, though official statements have yet to be revealed. Whether or not “Wolf” will be included in that release isn’t sure. It will be EXO‘s first comeback and release since their debut last year.

By LUHAN FANBASE Posted in News

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