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Are you want to know EXO PERSONALITIES Let’s Cheked?


Pre debut: He was known to be very popular and he also was seen around girls all the time. Luhan seemed TB, like asian hipster, and his dream was to become a singer. Luhan was known to be VERY popular, even people he didn’t know at school knew him. After he debuted, some girls said that they had a crush on him during school or some said that it wasn’t a crush it was just that they found him very attractive. I guess Luhan was the ‘hottie’ of the school, he was really popular and probably had like many girls following him around and wanting to hang around him. I don’t think he cares for the girls at school that much, like he doesn’t really try to engage with them or anything, he seems more comfortable around with his guy friends.

Training/After debut: Luhan was easy going which meant that he wasn’t bullied by Korean trainees as I think that he had made trainees like him as well. Luhan is a cool boy, he has a really cool personality making everyone like him so much. I guess he can relate to Lay, he’s also probably upset about his ex girlfriend but he just doesn’t show much. I can’t say he’s dedicated fully or that he loves her a lot. Luhan after debut seems more cute but he wants to be known as manly and handsome. Luhan also seems insecure after he debuted, he even got shouted at by SM for being too shy at the camera. Even though Luhan shows a happy personality on stage and camera, off stage, he’s probably insecure and unhappy about many things.


Pre debut: He seems really mysterious and that he had an interesting life. I think the reason why his english is not fully fluent, even though he’s still really good, is because he hung out with Asians while still in Canada. I don’t think Kris was popular at school or recognised, he probably was just one of those Asian boys there who had a small group of friends and were relatively quiet. He might not have had any girls like him either and he probably didn’t have any friends but he is really mysterious before debut so I’m not sure what else I see.

Training/After debut: He would go out with Tao a lot and as Tao once said, Kris was very handsome and that girls who walked past him would say ‘wahh, so handsome’. He seems to have grown more and he seems to be liked more in Korea. I don’t think he acknowledges the attention he got from outsiders during trainee days, I’m not sure why but I have this feeling haha. After debut, Kris seems to want to act cool all the time, probably to show the people who knew him before that he is now really handsome. Even though he acts cool and seems cool when he first debuted, we can slowly see his inner derp being revealed, Kevin Li coming towards us on the stage. Overall, Kris is a real derp who can’t hide who he really is, I think later in the months and years, we’ll see how cute and funny and idiotic Kris really is, instead of being the cool and mysterious man.


Pre debut: He was also famous before debut. He knew how to entertain an audience and was overall a fun and hardworking person. Hearing about his girlfriend story shows a different side to Lay. He’s probably secretly not happy. He still loves his ex girlfriend even after 2 years after they broke up. Lay seems like a really genuine guy as well, he’s dedicated and also loveable. He’s also really funny if you watch some of his past videos but overall, little Lay was cute and funny and basically adorable while the grown up Lay became dedicated. Yixing will also love someone with all his heart.

Training/After debut: He worked very hard, he’d go late training and also starve just to lose weight. He knows what his goals are in life and he knows what he wants to achieve. Lay’s a genuine guy as well, he’s really considerate of others too, like even though fans were ripping at his clothes and lunging at him last time at Beijing airport, he still smiled and was worried that they would get hurt. Lay cares too much about people, he sees the good things in everyone.


Pre debut: Can I just say how much he looked like he belonged in the Mafia ? He looks way older in pre debut pictures because honestly, he looked like he was over 30. He also seemed like a nerd and he seems like the quiet guy. Chen’s also a diva as well, but secretly on the inside haha.

Training/After debut: I’m not sure how he was during training but after debut, he seemed much younger and has this handsome charisma. Chen is really cute and he does really cute things without knowing. I think he probably has the most aegyo but doesn’t show it.


Pre debut: There’s not much to say about him but he seemed like someone who was really passionate about singing. There’s not much about pre debut Xiumin.

Training/After debut: Xiumin is a really cute person, he looks like he wants to get closer to Luhan all the time. I think he likes hanging out with people more of his age but Xiumin is really  cute, he’s a hard worker and he knows how to take jokes but someday, he might explode at Luhan.


Pre debut: Tao seems much older pre debut. He takes a lot of photos of himself taken by friends or other people. Tao seems insecure, he’s depressed and sad. When he was 16, he got a job at Starbucks, not to earn money for himself but to be able to buy things for his mum and dad. I don’t think Tao’s dad was close to him, I think his mum would have cared for him but I don’t think he had a good relationship with his dad. In one of Pre debut Tao’s photos, one of my anons pointed out a cigarette box and lighter next to him. Because of the rumours the former SM trainee revealed, he said that Tao wasn’t loved and would resort to alcohol and smoking, but only a little bit. Tao was probably a badass chinese boy, he probably smoked with his friends and that’s how he found his escape for his sadness. The rumour about him dating 8 girls at once could be true. He could have used girls as an escape for his emptiness and loneliness. In 2009 and 2010, he realised his dream was to sing and that he loved to sing. He posted on his blog telling people to believe him and that he will do well that he knows what he is doing. He was sad as nobody would listen or believe him, basically, everyone abandoned him but being Tao, he still loved his friends and wanted them to believe him. I think Tao was really depressed, he was also a hard worker but he probably wasn’t academic. He tried to believe that he wasn’t a failure and he believed in himself while his friends didn’t. He wanted to prove everyone wrong, I guess Tao started to grow from his depression to try and become the strong person he is.

Training/Pre debut: Tao was bullied by Korean trainees too, I think also during that time he was depressed again. Tao gets sad easily, he cries without even being aware of it. He’s a softhearted person who is weak, trying to be strong. I think Kris is his rock, someone he can lean on and look up to. After Tao knew he was going to debut under EXO with these band members, he had posted something like “I think it’s my destiny to be with these people”. He believes that they are his true friends and it’ll stay like this. Tao absolutely LOVES and ADORES EXO as a whole group. EXO is probably Tao’s everything and Tao’s hope. Tao is relying on a lot of the members because he loves them and he knows that they will be together in the end. Tao believes that his hard work is what allows him to be standing on stage today. Even though he seems fierce, he was a really sad kid. He’s more talkative in interviews and variety shows as he’s more comfortable, he knows this is where he belongs. Tao overall is a loving boy, even though he had many bad decisions in the past, he knows what he needs to do now. He’s honest in most aspects and he tries to show the real him whenever he can.


Pre debut: I heard that he’s from a wealthy family so I guess he had really good schooling and also had a well off house and etc. From his pictures, he seems like the rich popular boy. Not exactly popular but I can imagine him and his friends all going out to eat while he pays because he’s rich. Girls would have probably liked him but to an extent, I think that maybe some girls would want to go out with him because he could buy a lot of things but at the same time, I think Suho pre debut was awkward and also did not know many things about people. He still is gentle and stuff but I find him someone who trusts people easily and cares a lot about people where in the end, he gets hurt.

Training/After debut: During training, we could tell Suho was a very hard worker even though he trained for really long. He saw this as a barrier and continued to work hard. I have a feeling that he probably at sometime was pissed at Tao or even maybe Baekhyun because they didn’t have to train a lot and since Tao is not good at Korean or neither is he exceptionally talented in singing or dancing, Suho might have disliked him at first. This is only what I think though. After debut, after he was made leader, Suho shows his gentle and caring side once again. Even when Sehun’s sleeping, Suho protects Sehun. This shows how muchSuho cares for his members, especially Sehun since he’s the maknae. I find Suho a really gentle person, someone who cares a lot about others, maybe a bit too much, he might end up getting hurt someday.


Pre debut: Apparently D.O was considered a child ulzzang. I think many noona’s would have liked him because he’s so cute and like his hyung’s would have liked him too. D.O seems really loveable, like he’s someone you want to take care of and you just want to squish his cheeks. I find D.O really smart. He never told anyone he was a SM trainee while training. I find this really smart like I’m sure majority of people who made it into SM would tell their friends or some people at school because it’s a really good achievement and who doesn’t like attention and fame ? D.O probably didn’t tell anyone because he didn’t trust anyone enough or he was scared he wasn’t going to debut. I find D.O really responsible and smart, he’s someone that you’d have to open up.

Training/After Debut: There’s not much that I could say but how he won over Kai easily. Kai’s really hard to get along but D.O just seems to get into that boundary. All I can say is I think D.O’s a really smart person, he knows how to survive around people and he knows what he should do.


Pre debut: Chanyeol’s goal in life was to be a model and therefore he attended that Smart Model contest. Chanyeol is apparently from a well off family too, he tries to be optimistic in everything and also make the most out of everything. We all know him as Happy Virus right ? Chanyeol is a hard worker too and also smart. His love for instruments and his quick learning abilities allow him to have many talents.

Training/After debut: SM probably notices Chanyeol’s talents and therefore let him star in DBSK, SNSD and TTS’ MV’s. Chanyeol seems really loveable and fun to be around, like he automatically was close to Baekhyun just after one day. Chanyeol is smart and he knows his way around too but still, I see Chanyeol respects himself a lot. I believe he’s one of those really shy guys and also genuine guys. Guys like Chanyeol are probably hard to find these days aha but that’s how I see him, someone who respects everyone and makes the most out of everything.


Pre debut: OMG DO YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH OF A DERP HE IS ? I don’t think Baekhyun gets embarrassed easily around his guy friends. Around chick friends, that’s probably a different story. I find Baekhyun someone who lived his pre debut life fun, free and single haha. He seems that type of person who just hangs around with his guy friends and do literally crazy things with them. I can’t or don’t see him hanging out or liking to hang out with chicks a lot. I see it as like some girls would want to talk to him but either he wouldn’t be interested or just leave because he’s not interested hahaha. Baekhyun was someone to be fun around, like literally really fun.

Training/After debut: Baekhyun is a hard worker too, because he loved singing so much he joined a performing arts school. Baekhyun seems like a hard worker too and he obviously wants a lot of fans to love and support him because he feels happy when they do. Baekhyun is really cute and also a fun person, he has different personalities, the one on stage and off stage. When he’s performing, he gives it his all and does his best but off stage, he’s just so cute and also greasy.

Pre debut: Kai as a person. Before debut, Kai seems loveable and he seems like one of those guys who are just always there like honestly, I think he probably would have been kind of annoying aha.That’s something I only got from one photo though aha but he seems like a really quiet boy, someone maybe not a lot of girls would have thought as him of someone attractive and popular. Kai seems so hardworking and he is apparently someone really hard to get along with because of his attitude. In a way, before he joined SM, he probably would have thought that he was a bit better then everyone else because he had talent, but not in the ignorant way you know ? I think the reason why only Taemin can control him is because Kai really looks up to Taemin as Taemin’s a really good dancer and Kai wants to be like him, something like that haha.

I don’t think Kai’s had a girlfriend before, I think he works hard to achieve what he wants and therefore, doesn’t really put in the time for girls.

Training/After debut: He is a hard worker, definitely and he seems competitive. I think he also respects people who have more experience then him, e.g Taemin. Kai seems fierce and like a playboy but really he’s just shy and also he seems so fragile. He gives it his all and does what he loves. I think Kai is really just a cute little boy behind all that shirtless photo shoots and fierce sexy facials he has.


Pre debut: This boy was literally adorable. I think he had the cutest pre debut photos of all. Sehun seems really happy when he was young. I think many girls would have liked him but he probably didn’t have any romantic feelings for girls then. He probably was really popular too as he’s really pretty and I guess he probably just had a few friends who were close, mainly guys who he would hang out with.

Training/After Debut: After finding Luhan, it seems like they became best friends. I think Sehun likes to cling, not in the bad way though. He likes to hang out with his hyung and also do fun things together. Sehun is also a hard worker but it seems like he knows that he doesn’t play an important role. He is a really good dancer but Kai is the dancing machine making Sehun not the main in anything. Sehun loves to cry. He’s also a soft hearted person too, he may not seem like it but he is, he is also hard to control so I guess it would have been hard for people to grow close to him straight away.

Credits : Predebut-EXO


32 comments on “EXO Personalities

  1. i love the exo m and k not because of there beauty but how they show to act truly, ability, skills, passion and determine 🙂 I like them ❤ saranghe ❤ 🙂 😀 keep it up! I really really very attractive to der dance moves.

  2. Baekhyun actually had many girlfriends. (My Friend Was his classmate) And his friends are fun but they had kinda bad attitude at school. Probably every Korean Highschool students would notice that while watching his predebut videos since they use a lot of abusive words. But anyway now he turned to cute puppy image and quite adorable

  3. Why u r so cute, luhan hyung? Isn’t really u r a wolf? I’m believe u aren’t a wolf . It ‘s just performing??.

  4. I don’t really know everyone personalities that well because i was only a week fan. Yay! =.=’ But from what i’ve read and what i’ve seen from their shows. I can see how is their personalities especially Luhan. Luhan stole my heart for his shyness over camera. He is the only one that catch my eyes. I can understand how he is not really confident to stand alone and always ask for his friend to company him. I’m not saying that it’s bad but it was cute and adorable. Because in reality, i’m like that too. Well, seems like he hates being alone and needs to be with his friends.
    He’s cute and adorable especially when he laughs. He laughs full-heartedly and i believe he is smart boy too for being in boarding school and all he does is study. I guess that pretty much paid for. Loves him for the way he is.

  5. Wow!
    Can’t believe that luhan is a attractive person,suho is realy rich,and there’s no way that 1 day we can meet or see each other.

  6. I really dont believe about the exo’s personalities we don’t know how they act when they are not in front of camera and for me they are such a good actors that want to maintain they image but maybe maybe it is true that they really presented they’re true selves hihihihi It’s just hard to believe
    Just forgive me okay for my rudeness hihihi

  7. exo fighting, we fans in the Ifugao Philippines love exo all of my callmates are fun of exo we wanted that exo would have a concert at lamut ifugao Philippines, sarangheo D.O sarangamida exo!!!!!!!!! I am a fan of exo i have all there musics and videos and i always download exo vidoes until my eyes sleeps. exo fighting sarangheo anyeong!!!

  8. My memorycard is already full because of exo pics and luhan pics. I really love Luhan :* ♥ He’s too cute!

  9. OMG!!! I can’t wait to see Luhan! I want him to hug tightly!!! Luhan is sooooo cute!, and he’s attractive that much. That’s why I love love love him..

    You guys, do you really love Luhan hyung?

  10. This chart of exo is very nicely made:) But from what heard from my friends, Tao was a very academic person because he went to Honkong University. And also, his family was really rich and that he was a nice guy, since he learned sign language just to be friends with someone he knew. And plus, Luhan was really rich too. Suhi rich, but EXO- M members are more rich. These might not be true, but my Chineese friend who is in SM told me so…

    • I find it hard to believe the rumour about Tao going to HKU. HKU is like the best university that everyone (in HK at least) wants to get into for the prestige. And with HK’s education system having standardized exams (like you can’t advance to the next level if you don’t score well on those exams) and the asian culture/values of attending a prestigious university, it would be difficult to get accepted. Secondly, where would he find the time too…weren’t they still in high school while training?

      But I can believe the Luhan being rich/well off a bit more easily. I heard his family is in the military or has ties, so he’s likely well off. No people hired by the government can be worse off. Of course I don’t know how if he really comes from such a family.

      As for Kris, he didn’t grow up in Canada, he moved when was a teen but not young enough to lose the accent. I heard he was a captain of some sports team in school while in China and Canada so that explains why he’s tall. I personally think he seems like an introvert, so I can believe he’s probably a quiet person. But he’s pretty well spoken for a quiet person so I can see why he is the leader as he seems to be able to handle interviews fine. Tao seems a bit more awkward in interviews but he’s extremely reliant on Kris.

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