5 K-Pop Male Singer With Sexy Voice, Weight and Deep!


Not only with looks, 5 following the singer’s distinctive voice is sexy. And in a deep voice that increasingly characterizes made ​​fans fall in love.

The majority of the men voiced a rapper in the group, respectively. However, some are able to bring the sound in beautiful tones through chanting the song.

Then who the man is? Let’s recognize one by one :

1. Chanyeol


When Chanyeol glimpse, the girl seems to be attracted to his good looks. But when he opened the sound, certainly a lot of confusion to determine whether they prefer the look or sound of heavy and sexy rapper EXO-K’s.

2. TOP BigBang


T. O.P Big Bang does have a handsome face. But that is only a little of its grace. T.O.P deep voice is so manly and sexy. When it began to open up the sound, many people became fans because of the character of these rappers sound heavy.

3.Yoochun JYJ


Maybe his voice was not as heavy as T.O.P. But the nuances in the sound of a sigh Yoochun really sexy. Yoochun’s distinctive sound also makes the character recognizable when JYJ sang along.

4. Bang Yong Guk


Since its inception, Bang Yong Guk known for his deep voice. When launching the song I Remember collaborate with Yoseop, Bang Yong Guk immediately seized the attention of all the K-Pop music lovers.

5. Baro


Cute face and deceptive. Listen when Baro singing, who would have thought the owner of the deep voice is often a stylish guy who still cute. Baro sounds really masculine when compared with his attitude.


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