[Exclusive★Selca] 130616 Strong Stare, Unexpected Exposure of Warm and Kind Members’ Private Life

“In 2012 we became one team. If we were to count up even our trainee periods, our members that we spent an even longer time with. Today, I, Kris, am planning on exposing the private lives of our warm and king members. Are you anticipating? A secret to Xiumin Luhan Lay Chen Tao, revealing to everyone! ㅋㅋㅋ”

December 1, 2012, TV Report’s [Exclusive★Selca] that has been raising a hot issue ever since their first target. Obtaining idol stars’ undisclosed selcas that have never been released anywhere else before, we are solely releasing it. It’s a considerable charm to be able to admire the honest or funny secret private life of idol stars.

Our 29th target is group EXO. They are a global group that is reborn with the combination of EXO K and EXO M. EXO is composed of Kai Luhan Tao Chen Sehun Lay Xiumin Baekhyun D.O Suho Kris Chanyeol and is in the midst of emitting twelve colors of charms. It’d be hard to find a group like this. A case where all of the members are nice and warm guys.

EXO, who came back with the title song ‘Wolf and Beauty,’ occupied first place in just two weeks. Because it the first first place trophy they got after debut, EXO spilled a lot of tears. Different from the EXO that dominated the stage with their strong performance, their hearts were so pure. We will now introduce in detail EXO’s every day sides once off the stage, so anticipate~

<Did you miss the members’ seclas that they warmly took tougher? Check again [Exclusive★Selca] , that was revealed on the 15th.>


Kris “Today’s day that started out with a selca in the waiting room~ A live stage that (I’m) looking forward to awoo~”


Xiumin “How are my cute gloves? The picture is frighteningly beautiful right? ㅋㅋㅋ“


Luhan “One cut with a cool boxing pose! Does it match me? Then anticipate next time as well~”


Lay “I am living day by day with a pure and kind heart. A wolf that gathered both hands together beautifuly ㅋㅋㅋ”


Chen “My mesh shirt is sexy right? As predicted, amongst EXO members, Chen is no. 1 for fashion sense hahaha”


Tao “A cut together with a wink and V! Everyone’s pure boy Tao is greeting. hehe”

Source: TV Report
Trans by: nahbit @ exok-trans



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