130618 EXO-M’s Messages On EXO’s Official Website Update


From Kris :

thank you to all the fans who support EXO.
it’s only because of you all that we have been able to achieve our position today.
we will work even harder in the future. To the each of you whom I love, thank you.

BNB4Y8QCMAA-2EL.jpg large

From Luhan :

Hello~ It is EXO Luhan~
Thank you so much to all the fans.
We will work more diligently and become an even better singer.♥


From Lay :

All of EXO’s fans from across the world, for your support, it’s been hard on you.
Without you all, there wouldn’t be the us today. Looking back at this year, the waiting has been hard on you.
All of the sweat that we have shed, all of this, is actually one of the answers to the questions God has given us.
Now the journey has begun. In order not to forget our original mindset, we will work hard. And at the same time, thank you for all of your support, and care.
Even more, I hope that we may be together forever.


From Tao :

Honestly, I’m very very thankful to Lee Sooman-teacher, thank you.And for the concern and care from all our seniors. First place is precious to us, we have not disappointed our teachers and seniors’ expectations as well as all of EXO’s hardwork.
Our fans, thank you, I love you all.


From Xiumin :

Hello it is Xiumin.
Thank you so much to the fans that made us EXO  cool.
I will do the rest of the Korean promotions diligently~


From Chen :

Hello~ It is EXO CHEN~!
Thank you so much for allowing us EXO to get a good result
I won’t become prideful and will work harder!!


Source; exo-m’s website
Trans by: nahbit @exok-trans



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