“EXO Relationship Talk, Are You Two Close?”

Because they have a lot of members, these things are possible. To EXO who finally came back to start promotions as twelve members together with ‘Wolf and Beauty(Wolf),’ we asked the question of how they think of one another, a question that makes one squirm, yet we were most curious about. What their similarities are, what they thought of one another, and also how the other members viewed the two’s relationship.

▲Maknaes Tao, Sehun


(Sehun) Tao’s heart is extremely delicate. Known as ‘AB style’ he has two types of personalities. Sometimes he is the four-dimensional that I can’t understand and sometimes he’s totally innocent. (D.O: He has more of B. It’s around 70 to 30?)
(Tao) Sehun is cool and when he is with me, he is really funny. Whenever I get stressed, if I tell Sehun, my stress gets relieved. We fool around a lot whatever we do, if we do it together, I feel good. When I’m with him, there is no stress.

▲ Although baby-faced, EXO’s eldest members Xiumin, Luhan

(Xiumin) Luhan is my friend from the same year (19)90. He is the only Chinese friend I have amongst the members. (Kris is a Canadian friend) He is my first foreign friend and when we go to China, I’m happy that he takes care of me well and we relate to one another well.
(Luhan) I like Xiumin. He lost a lot of weight and doesn’t put in insoles when he wears shoes. (laugher) He’s extremely cute and seems like a dongsaeng to me.
(Chen) Both of them seem like dongsaengs. They are so baby-faced.
(Kris) They’re the same age as me but because they’re baby-faced, it is a huge stress to me.

▲ K and M’s leader Suho, Kris

(Suho) Kris is my only Canadian friend. He’s my Chinese Canadian friend. (Xiumin: This is a phrase I’ve heard a lot from somewhere before?) When I’m studying English, Kris helps out a lot. He said to pay him 50,000won per hour for tutoring me. He’s a good friend. Because he is EXO-M’s leader, when we promote as a team of EXO, he becomes of great strength to me. Kris has never opposed to anything I have said and has never put out an opposing suggestion. Thank you for trusting me and because he has a big frame, I feel he is dependable.
(Kris) I really like Suho. He’s very kind and takes care of the members well. We’re promoting as twelve members in Korea and because I’m a foreigner, I am lacking in Korean. Suho helps a lot. Although he’s one year younger, he is a good friend. Seeing how we went through a long trainee period together, we became good friends.

▲ Friends that have a lot of memories Chanyeol, D.O

(Chanyeol) Baekhyun and I became close in about 20 seconds and when D.O first came in the company, the first person he got closest to was me. We got close so fast that it was to the point where on the first day we met, we got on the subway and went home together. When I have worries or have something I need to talk over seriously with someone, I usually talk to D.O a lot. I also learn a lot about music. We have a lot of memories from when we were trainees. The route home was the same way for D.O and I, so we would go to Apgujeong station often to eat takoyaki. We have a lot of memories and he is a friend that I can trust and depend on.
(D.O) He’s a long time same age friend from when I first came in as a trainee and he is also trustworthy. We have a lot of memories. He’s my most comfortable friend.

▲ Relationship intertwined through dance Lay, Kai
(Lay) When I first came into SM, I learned dancing from Kai, but he taught very kindly. Even till now I think of him as a master. Because Kai is so good at dancing, I often learn and ask him. Later, I think he can become the best dancer. That is why hwaiting!
(Kai) I remember when Lay hyung first came. In Lay hyung’s case, his enthusiasm to learn was superior compared to others. I came in about one year before Lay hyung and I thought about the past a lot. When I first came in, I learned from Taeminie. He taught me a lot of dances and everyday after we danced together, we would stay behind and practice.. us two practiced so much, there was once when during Chuseok (t/n: Korean Thanksgiving Day), we danced all three days. I have a lot of good memories with hyung. Recently we also consulted a lot on what type of dance we should dance. He thinks of me as a teacher but I don’t think that’s it but because hyung is M’s lead dancer and I am in charge of dance in K, I want to understand one another in the future as well.

▲ Those that joined EXO the latest Chen, Baekhyun

(Chen) Baekhyun and I auditioned at the same audition and came into the company together. We were the only two that made it till the end and who would fall, we said, even if each gets chosen, let’s encourage the other. We thought that they would only choose one person. However, he came in three days before me. At the time we talked a lot but I thought, there is such a kid in this world. He talks well and even his personality is great. Chanyeol has good sociability but Baekhyun does as well. Even till now, he is the friend that I relate the most to and he is amongst one of the members that I can tell everything to.
(Kai) When we were living as trainees, one moment the both of them entered and I thought my ears were going to burst. It was quiet and peaceful, but as the two of them came in, it was no joke.
(Chanyeol) Usually when one comes in the company, it is possible that they cower, but when they were taking their profile shots, I thought they were a trainee of 4~5 years. They spoke that much.
(Baekhyun) When we were auditioning together, seeing Jongdae, (Chen’s real name) I saw that he would relieve his throat with high notes. I thought that he would become my biggest rival, till the end he lasted, and in the end we were up against one another. Because Chen sings well, I always ask him to show me and to teach me. He’s kind and sings well, and maybe it’s because we came in together, he is a friend that my heart goes out to. When we were split apart and he was promoting as EXO-M, I missed him, but I’m happy that we’re doing it together. I want to promote as twelve members EXO forever.


Source: Newsen
Trans by: nahbit @ exok-trans



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  1. I thought they’d be many pairings to be discussed :(( Too bad there was no KaiSoo and ChanBaek :(( They have nice and interesting stories and they make it so touching :”>

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