[Video Reaction] EXO’s Dramatic Wolf Side Has Us Confused but Digging the Eye Candy

Just when we forgot that there was supposed to even be another music video, SM Entertainment surprised us by releasing the drama version of EXO’s Wolf.

The music video came out super randomly on July 15 – not that we’re complaining, – and showed the acting sides of the EXO members and one mysterious girl that we still have questions about.

E: FINALLY it′s out
G: Seriously. I think everyone′s waiting
E: Wow Kris is so tall
G: Luhan and Kris!

G: Okay some magical exchange just now. What’s that alien symbol on his hand?

E: Who is the girl? She′s basically public enemy no.1 now

G: all right all right…Luhan…is a wolf?
E: Well that makes sense
G: look at him fly all over the place
G: Bad guys chasing after Luhan…..

G: And that girl looks super familiar
E: In a ′lately-all-the-newbie-actresses-look-the-same′ kind of way…
G: Not understanding what just happened between Luhan and that girl

E: Oh suddenly it′s high school time
E: Why didn′t my high school have guys like this?
E: I distinctly remember a lack of eligible males
G: Seriously…
G: Shouldn′t they be super awkward and going through puberty?
G: And this school sure has a lot of students with dyed hair.

G: Awww, they’re best friends now…?
G: And that girl is randomly in the crew… Not…following….

E: Okay, honestly
E: I know that′s supposed to be cool with all the guys sending off the girl but that scene was kind of weird
G: Agreed, but at least they look good?

E: Ah, the dyed hair is explained…the kids are totally not good students
G: And now they′re going to beat up those thugs who were chasing after Luhan in the beginning

E: Kai is always aware of the camera… and his best angles, even when in the middle of a fight

G: Too bad…everyone’s losing
G: Even Kai′s good looks can′t save EXO.

G: and Luhan just lost his shiz
E: Are they all wolves?
G: I don’t know what they are….

G: Wait, who just got hurt??
E: Why are Kai and Luhan looking at each other like that
G: Because Luhan hurt D.O
G: and now the whole pack just turned their backs on Luhan. That was quick.
E: Brutal. And confusing.

E: Why is the girl suddenly there
G: What the random girl
E: ′Who are you.. what are you′
E: This is what I want to ask to YOU
G: Why is she crying?

G: what the…
G: seriously

E: lol a comment
E: ckjai: “Knowing SM′s delayed tactics, the conclusion MV will be released next year…”
E: ckjai speaks the truth
G: So, basically, we’ll never find out what happened.
G: At least they were cute.

Conclusion: We’re drowning our confusion over the story of this music video with the eye candy that was provided for us for 3 minutes and 38 seconds.

Source : Mnet


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