EXO Share Ghost Stories


Superstition says if celebrities see a ghost, it means they′ll be really successful. For EXO, the theory really hit home.

On the July 18 broadcast of tvN′s enews,  EXO told stories of the ghosts they had seen in their promotions.

EXO talked about how they met a ghost in Russia, when they flew to the country to perform at the 2013 Kazan Summer Universiade.

Some members burst out that they had seen Russian ghosts, while Chan Yeol said, “We saw a Russian ghost in Russia. Well, we didn′t actually see a ghost, but it was a weird experience.”

He continued, “I was sharing a room with Chen when a nightmare came. After having its fun with me, the ghost went over to Chen, and then I was so surprised because Chen suddenly said, ′Help me.′”

Chan Yeol then went on to tell a story his senior, SHINee′s Jonghyun, had told him.

“Jonghyun sunbae (senior) said he was practicing at a practice room, and whenever he sang the ′sol′ while practicing ′do re mi fa sol fa mi re do′, a female voice would sing along,” he said.

Source : Mnet


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