SoCool Magazine – EXO-M (Luhan and Xiumin)


Name: LU HAN
Club: EXO-M
Team: Ex-stars team
Distinctive features: Strong and muscular thigh muscles, fluorescent hair colour, deer eyes
Killer skill: right whirlwind kick

Live broadcast: Be it when he was waiting at the benches to get on field, or when LU HAN was running on the green grass, this kid’s gaze was always determinedly fixated on the soccer ball. In the first half of the game, Park Jisung’s team’s carelessness allowed LU HAN to grab hold of an opportunity for a shot in the goal. Although that attempt to shoot into the goal while one-on-one with the goalkeeper was a beautiful one, ultimately, he missed the goal. LU HAN, whose attempt had failed, had a bashful look on his face, even embarrassedly sticking out his tongue. Even though his first attempt failed, it did not seem to affect the fierce fighting spirit in this chap. (It’s burning as bright as his red hair!) In EXO, XIUMIN and LU HAN are the two youths who are famous for being in love with soccer as a sport. On that day, the two of them finally had a chance to fulfil their soccer dreams in that one soccer match. On the field, when the two people met, they would give each other a big hug. During half-time, the two of them had their arms over each others’ shoulders as they walked off field. It looked just like they were rivals on field, but brothers off field. But what is up with coming back from half-time with a number 29 jersey and number 41 shorts?

Once a red devil, always a red devil

Being the only Chinese Idol at the ‘Third Asian Dream Cup’, LU HAN played for the Shanghai Ex-Stars team. In past interviews, LU HAN had mentioned that if he had not been a singer, he would have entertained the thoughts of possibly becoming a soccer player. He is a big fan of soccer, but he had never had the chance to showcase his ‘Captain Tsubasa’ side to everyone. On this day, when everyone saw LU HAN running very seriously on the field, they were able to discover that his dream of becoming a soccer player was not just for show. This time LU HAN, who was the only celebrity on the Ex-Stars team, did not only have pretty good chemistry with the seasoned players on the field, he also received a lot of love from the various seniors. Even his photo with national player Fan Zhiyi became the headline article on the sports newspaper the next day. Be it in the dressing room, on the bench, or on the soccer field, LU HAN’s humble demeanour was always regarded by everyone. Even when he was in the changing rooms, he would constantly bow humbly to each of the seniors. When the old seniors did not just praise this young man, but also used their actions to encourage him, one could see just how loveable this kid was. During the live broadcast, the commentator even used the comment “Today, the two attacks by the Ex-Stars team that showed the most threat all came from LU HAN” to express his affirmation towards this young chap. Being able to receive the love of the masses naturally has a reason behind it; other than this young chap’s natural humbleness, another reason is the constant showing of his love for soccer, through his gaze right down to his movements.


Club: EXO-M
Team: Park Jisung’s team
Distinctive features: Blonde hair and smooth looks, primary school student’s body
Killer skill: Innocent, child-like face

Live broadcast: During the time that XIUMIN was on the field there was not enough time for the opposition to attack, but in the role of assisting, XIUMIN performed very well. Using the advantage of his nimble body, XIUMIN did not play the role of messing up the view of the opposition just once. Even though a soccer game is just a game where a group of people chase after a soccer ball, we must say that XIUMIN’s speed is really fast! In that short time that he was on field, XIUMIN was constantly chasing closely after that soccer ball. He did not rest for even a moment, his fast speed made his smooth and neat hair turned completely into an ‘all back’ style. His fringe that was originally smooth and straight down his forehead, eventually ended up lying flat on the top of his head because of the winds blowing in the opposite direction. You can just imagine how fast our little guy’s speed was in running. During the match, XIUMIN did not just flip his shirt up a bit once, but eventually just stuffed his entire shirt into his shorts while on field. Before he officially went on field, this person was hopping and jumping about, not resting a moment. In the time that he was on the bench, he was constantly warming up; the Korean staff could only hold onto this kid’s waist and inform him of what was presently happening on the field. Looking at this scene, we want to ask if this little guy is really the oldest member in the group. Is this really not the venue of a youth friendly soccer match?

I haven’t seemed like the eldest brother for many years

When we’re at the venue watching XIUMIN play soccer, we are really unable to connect this little boy with the image of the oldest in EXO. Amongst the Korean idols, there are many who are lovers of soccer. XIUMIN being a hot blooded soccer fan is something that we have personally confirmed; in private, he often plays soccer with his members for fun. Speaking of which, becoming a member of the Asian Dream Cup and his love for soccer have a very large correlation. In comparison to the way he looks playing soccer on the soccer field, when XIUMIN has yet to officially go on field, the way this kid looks warming up is something that leaves a deep impression. Not only did he warm up from head to toe, he even carefully tied his shoelaces again. Squatting down at one moment, stretching the next, his waistline, leg-line, even his butt-line, everyone took this in with their eyes. Not only was it a feast on the eyes for the fans who were sitting on the stands and looking on, even the gazes of the staff sitting on the side were drawn to this happy boy, taking out their phones and looking as though they are preparing to take a photo of this posture and keep it as a momento. While XIUMIN was in the midst of warming up, the cheering of the fans in the stands did not pause for even a moment. This caused our little guy here to keep turning around and greet his fans while warming up, expressing his thanks with a face full of shyness (laughs).


EXO-M It’s time to turn into wolves!

When EXO-M came out to perform, it was pouring heavy rain at the Hong Kou Soccer Stadium. In the rather large stadium, from time to time, the sounds of thunder could be heard and one could even see flashes of lightning across the sky. The people who were not at the stadium may have felt that the weather god was not being kind that day, but speaking from Xiao Cool’s personal experience, this heavy rain was really just right for the occasion! It was raining very heavily, and we as well as the fans were worried that the members would fall sick – however, if you were there in person and heard the sounds of thunder and looked as each member transformed into wolves during ‘Wolf and a Beauty (Wolf)’, you too would be filled with emotion over the atmosphere the rain had created that is practically like the stroke of a genius. There is no need for post-production to add on special background effects, the venue itself directly creates on its own its special sound effects! The sudden rainstorm did not extinguish the members’ passion, but in contrast, made these group of boys even more excited. These few boys stretched out their long arms, and with what looked like the wings of eagles, ‘flew’ to the middle of the stage. From the very opening, they had already positioned themselves into the ‘tree’ formation at the beginning of ‘Wolf and a Beauty (Wolf)’. We would typically see the 12 person version of the ‘tree’ at the venues of music programs, so the six person version of the ‘tree’ really opened up our eyes. Looking at it front on, there did not seem to be much change, but looking at it from the side, this ‘tree’ really seemed to have slimmed down a lot (laughs). Describing the rain that day as a rainstorm is not exaggerating at all; it was not long before the members’ clothes and shorts were soaked through by the rain. This massive rain rained down so hard that for a moment, the members were unable to open their eyes. Their hair that had just been styled ended up looking like there had been no styling done at all because of the downpour, but these few guys did not even panic at all, combing their hair back with their hands, looking exactly like a moving poster! (With them being wet and all, wouldn’t it!) “1, 2, 3. We Are One! Hello everybody, we are EXO. We are very, very happy that we are here in Shanghai today. Thank you everyone. We are also very honoured to be invited to today’s Asian Dream Cup. Next time, we hope that we will be able to bring our EXO-K members along as well. Thank you everyone, the next song is our song ‘History’. Thank you, we love you all. (By Kris)” There was no choice but to shorten the members’ MC time because of the rainstorm. The storm, accompanied by thunder, allowed everyone to see a different kind of performance.


Source: 倒倒天才_Critty
Trans: amy@exom-trans


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