130805 EXO Staff Diary Update – Growl~ Growl~~!!


In the blink of an eye
The first week of August just went by with EXO thanks to the Growl wave
And the fans’ passion and support.

Have you all watched the first SBS Inkigayo performance that took place with a lot of fans?

EXO worked hard to prepare this passionate stage
And thanks to the burning passion of the large number of fans
Their performance managed to shine even~~~~~~  more~
We would like to thank all the fans who came to the filming location. (^^)(__)

On August 5th finally! EXO The 1st Album XOXO(Kiss&Hug) Repackage that everyone is waiting for is going to be released.

The official song for ‘Growl’ is going to be revealed at 12PM.
So just how you wanted to listen to it during this week~~
We’re requesting for lots of love~~~~ ‘↖^0^↗

Before this~!!!
For the fans who’ll find it hard to wait until then!!!
Instead of listening, you have a way to look at EXO that we will reveal right now.

The hint~~!!!

To meet EXO early is~~??
It is it is it is…
The Sports News pictures that’ll be revealed on August 5 in the morning!!

Is the hint too vague? ㅠ^ㅜ
Then„ For these people„ especially„ We have prepared a XX hint~~!!

Sports XSun, Sports Xah, Sports Xul, Sports Xhyang, Sports Xd, DaiX sports~~!! !

Finding EXO in this place~!! Okay~ It’s starting now~!!

Monday which is starting in a new way„
With these special hints;;
This week again, I’m telling you to start this week strongly~!!

The more you look at them, you’ll gain strength
The more you look at them you want to see them more„
The more you look at them, you fall for them, the cool EXO~!!



I’m now going to leave after leaving a picture of Chanyeol immersed in his work as a Special MC during M!Countdown with f(x)’s Sulli sunbaenim.


This week again with EXO~~!!!

Growl Growl~~!! You know it, right?^^

Source: EXO-K’s Official Website
Trans: saphira @ exok-trans


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