130813 “HOT IN-TREND BOYBAND” – EXO “We may be busy, but we’re very happy!”

ASIAN TOUR Reporter Jung Jihee = Group EXO is now the undisputed hottest band in Korea.
Constructed of the Korean-Based Group EXO-K (SUHO, KAI, D.O, Chanyeol, Sehun, Baekhyun) and Chinese-Based Group EXO-M (KRIS LUHAN TAO CHEN LAY XIUMIN), EXO made their hot debut with the Mini Album ‘MAMA’ last year April.
At that time, EXO was an anticipating group due to the fact that they came from the same company as TVXQ, Super Junior, Shinee, and many more famous boy bands. However, they didn’t make it as big as them.
However, EXO rested for a whole year and made their comeback, and people were shocked at how much they have grown and changed. Their first Full Album “XOXO, Kiss and Hug”, released last June, managed to sell 400,000 copies and made it to the top of Music charts throughout Asia. Their Title Song ‘Wolf’ also won first place in various music programs. Also, EXO came out with their 1st Album’s Repackaged Album this August, and their Title Song ‘Growl’ along with the two other new songs made it to the top charts on Music sites, and instantly they were known as the “Tough Group”.
“Honestly we didn’t know that the reaction would be this big. Because of that, we’re very happy, and it’s kind of weird. Alot of people are enjoying our songs; not only is our fans from before liking it, but normal people just listen to our song and likes it, so we’re very thankful. We think that because we’re all together as a 12, and not divided in half like from MAMA promotions, we can be a strong group and we get more attention because we’re in a large number. I feel like we shine the best when all twelve of us are together.”
‘Growl’ is an URBAN R&B Dance Song. The song is about when a Man tries to protect his woman from others, he ‘Growls’ to protect her.
The members of EXO explains that ‘Growl’ is a very different sound, unlike the song ‘Wolf’, which has a very addicting and somewhat humorous type of lyrics, ‘Growl’ is a very addicting song that can get anyone to get hooked onto.
“If our song ‘Wolf’ is explained as a very witty and musical-styled performance with a special kind of appeal, we want to say that ‘Growl’ is a song where we can show EXO’s perfect charm and show a kind of calm but sexy side to us (laughs). Although all our songs were fun to record, I specifically remember that this song was very fun and exciting for us members to record. We have a lot of fun when we perform this song, and you can probably tell from the looks on our faces.”
The Music Video of ‘Growl’ was filmed using a “One-Take” style of filming, which caused a lot of commotion on the internet. The group was divided into two, and took turns with the camera, singing their parts. The members seemed as if they were trying to make an appeal to the camera, allowing them to give off a competitive vibe.
“Our main point of the music video is where we grab the camera and change the angles ourselves.  It seems as if we’re dancing with the camera. One member has a hat and another member takes the hat, then another member takes the hat. It’s very amusing choreography. To be honest I dropped my hat in the middle but when I saw the finished product, it looked pretty cool (laughs). Another version of the music video is coming soon.”
When we asked them if they felt pressure of the fact that they’ve only been active for less than a year and a half and they have so much attention and anticipation, and also if they weren’t tired from all the promotions and activities they’ve been doing, they simply replied “not at all!”
“We still have a long way to go, we can’t be tired already. When we were trainees, we were worried and scared if we can become singers because we saw our seniors promoting their songs without any sleep and rest. But now that we are dealing with it ourselves, we can have strength and be happy because of all the love that is given to us. When we are physically tired, we go on stage to perform, and the tiredness disappears like magic. We want to become a sensational k-pop group that can be compared to any worldwidely famous singer.”
When on stage, the EXO we see are very serious and they work their hardest. But  the EXO we see on interviews are a bunch of boys laughing and being playful.
We’ve exchanged thoughts about how when they have a schedule, how hard it must be going to those schedules with so many members, but we also thought that there would be many amusing stories.
“Including all of our managers and stylists, there are about 30 people that have to move with us. That’s why there are cases where we forget about a member. Sometimes we have to sit out in the hallways when there is no room in the waiting rooms on Music Programs. But since we knew each other since our trainee days, it’s fun to be all together. Although we sometimes quarrel over small things, we always talk it out with each other and solve the problem on the spot, making our friendships grow stronger. However in my opinion you cannot find another group that has better team work than us (laughs).”
Although they did make a drastic popularity rise in the entertainment industry, the members acknowledged the fact that they have a long way to go. Because of this, it showed a sign that they can become even a bigger group throughout the future.
It also seemed that the members knew exactly what their goals were for the future.
“Since we promoted our song and worked hard, we wish to win an award soon. Next year we want to have a solo concert, and the next year we want to have a world tour. We want to be known as a Korean-Chinese Singers Icon. We wish to become a group that has visuals, music, performance, and everything you can think of to become the best group in the world. We want you guys to watch over us while we tackle these goals one by one!”
Source : Asiatoday
Translated by alicehongjoo @ SMent_EXO
Please take out with full credits !

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