EXO is Surprised at Video of ′Dancing 9′ Contestants Dancing to ′Growl′

Dancing 9 contestants set out to surprise EXO with their powerful new version of Growl. The EXO members sent a video message to Mnet Dancing 9 contestants Kim Sol Hee and Kim Myung Gyu after watching their performance.

The two contestants, who currently dance for the Blue Eyes team, danced a cover of Growl and uploaded a video of it onto the web.

The EXO members watching the video couldn′t seem to tear their eyes away from the performance, and said in praise, “We were surprised at how Kim Sol Hee krumped to Growl with force. Kim Myung Gyu had such nice postures, which perhaps came from his majoring in ballet.”

Kim Sol Hee is a 20-year-old contestant who surprised with the powerful krumping moves coming from her cute looks that resemble Kim Shin Young.

Kim Myung Gyu is from a top tier ballet team, and has won many awards in contests. He is loved for his humor and looks on the show.

The next episode of Dancing 9 will air on August 24.

Source : Mwave


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