130923 IZE Magazine – “EXO Xiumin, Tao’s story”

Possibly because he is EXO’s eldest hyung, Xiumin is active in everything. While Luhan, Sehun, and Tao were taking their photos, because the striped socks he was wearing were distracting, he lead the atmosphere the atmosphere by saying “I don’t think the socks are it. Everyone take (the socks) off, take it off.” Like when he was throwing a joke by saying “however, you are not cute. Only the way you act is cute” to Tao who was jealous of Luhan’s cute image, throughout the interview it was Xiumin’s share to do reactions for the rest of the members’ stories and making the conversation more ample. With his face that looks forever coy, this remotely different actions, wouldn’t the expression reversal charm match the best with him. Not only that but if you look at his cat like eyes that are hiding a bunch of mischievousness, it seems that here is a lot of faces of Xiumin that have yet to be discovered.

Xiumin. I was born in March 26, 1990 I was born in Gyeongi-do, Guri. Not only am I EXO’s eldest hyung, I am promoting through EXO-M. To be honest, I am still lacking in talking in Chinese. I think that Chinese food tastes the best in the world, but especially the spicy sensational Sichuan cuisine is my style. There is a food called hot pot and I like the spicy broth’s hot pot. My personality is neat. However, because I don’t like telling others what to do, if there is something that has to be put away, I am the type to clean it up myself. It is not because I am the eldest that I feel like I have to be a model, but it is thanks to learning since young that I should have manners towards others and not give any damage. When I have to step up as the eldest hyung, it is when someone does something that goes against manners. The information that I did a suicide goal during futsal game in MBC Idol Star Athletics is false. I only kicked it after the ball was already in the goal. I feel unfair. (laughter) It is amazing how Sehun’s height grew so much. When he first came in the company, he only came up to my shoulders, (while pointing above his head with his hand) but now he’s here. If we can migrate earthlings to EXO planet, I want to be a barista. I like coffee. But it is not like I know all the types of coffee. Although I normally enjoy drinking americanos, I like the cafe atmosphere more. I am the best of arm wrestling amongst the EXO members. The technique must be genes? Starting from my grandfather, everyone in my family is good at arm wrestling. And because I did kendo, taekwondo since young, I raised my arm strength.

When Tao stares straight into the camera, he has a black leopard-like impression. However because even a leopard is in the end is in the cat family, Tao as well couldn’t hide his overflowing playfulness. While taking the group picture, he would secretly play jokes and because he got caught by Luhan also got slightly hit, and when Xiumin was in the midst of talking, he would stilly watch and then carefully press the mosquito bit mark about his eyebrow. When they were talking about his multiple personality acting games, the laughter sound that he would make, “UHAHAHAHAHA!” was very refreshing and cheerful. However, with a serious face when he said he wasn’t scared of the camera, he seemed more adult-like and brave than anyone else.

Tao. I was born May 2nd, 1993 in China, Qingdao. I am EXO-M’s maknae. Because I learned martial arts, I have a dream of wanting to be in an action movie. There is no role that I have thought of but if it is an action movie, I like it all. I like the feeling of when you fight in front of the camera. Because you are not really hitting the person in front of the camera, the angle is important. I focus a lot on if a camera is over here, whether you can hit from here or not. However I showed nunchaku and pole martial arts on MBC Every1 <Weekly Idol> and made a mistake. At that time I really only thought, ‘What do I do? I made a mistake! This is so embarrassing.’ Ah, and a lot of people misunderstood but I am not afraid of showering by myself. It’s just that after showering in a crowded place, showering by myself is boring. After promoting with the EXO-K members together, I carry around all the members’ photo cards. There is not a member I see more but I cherish all twelve of them the same. During ‘Growl,’ the part I first came out, I really liked it. During that part I have a lot of gestures, but it was fun to do it right in front of the camera. If you’re a celebrity, I don’t think you should feel the camera as uncomfortable. (Xiumin: Can I not be a celebrity? I find the camera extremely uncomfortable. / Luhan: I’m like that too?) Haha, you cannot be afraid of it. Ah, however when someone suddenly comes and takes a picture with their cellphone, it is uncomfortable. If we can migrate earthlings to EXO planet, the besides a singer, I want to become a store boss.

Source: Ize
Trans by: nahbit @ exok-trans

2 comments on “130923 IZE Magazine – “EXO Xiumin, Tao’s story”

  1. Hi Luhan ! :’)
    Well I just wanted you to know that I’m your no. 01 fan here in Philippines .. How I wish I could watch your concert here in Philippines , if ever the EXO would’ve do a concert here :’) , but I can’t , well I came from a poor family . It’s hard to earn money .. So for the mean time I’ll be studying hard for you MY DEER . ^*^

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