130925 IZE Magazine – “EXO Kris, Chanyeol’s story”


Short but strong. Kris’ one word that he tossed in, even if his words are not normal, he is overflowing with confidence. Whether it’s when the members saw a caterpillar and like it was nothing, he said “Let’s eat it!”, or when filming ended and he jumped and laid on the bed saying “Euha, as expected, I’m an action actor!”, laughing Kris is without a doubt, fresh. Kris’ own world where the reason why EXO is pizza is because you have to have all 12 pieces to be one. The more you get to know it, it’s a world the strangely drags you in.

Kris. I was born on November 11, 1990. I was born in China and raised in Canada. I am EXO-M’s leader and am in charge of rapping. When rapping in Korean, the pronunciation is certainly difficult. Usually when I talk, my pronunciation is strong and clear and I try to rap naturally but when I do it, people have said that it is awkward. On <Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio> I practiced the song I sang with D.O and Chanyeol, Dynamic Duo sunbaenim’s ”Guilty”, a lot and I’m glad the response was good. Apart from rap, I have a lot of interest in writing and composing songs, fashion design, DJing, etc. Out of the lyrics that I have written up until now, my favorite ones are ‘Just one more time one last time’. Cool style starts when one wears clothes that matches them the best. And the mental attitude in wanting to try new styles is important. Ah, in the future, when launching my own brand name, a name came to mind but it is a secret. (Kai: Say it now. What will you do if someone else uses it first?) No. But while it’s really cool, it also connects with me well. A name that anyone could look at and say ‘Ah, this is Kris’ brand’. From a long time ago, I have watched and studied Korean variety programs a lot. But I’m not someone with as good reactions as Chanyeol. (D.O: If you film for a long time, you can get tired but Chanyeol’s concentration is good so he doesn’t get tired. He’s amazing.) I have stood, protecting, in front of the bathroom for 30 minutes before for Tao. At that time I thought ‘Tao is still very young’. But now, since I’m lacking sleeping time, I haven’t been able to do that for him. I can’t sleep much but, my skin is nice… I think I was born with it. (Laughs) In particular, I don’t receive face care and I wash well. I am the type that has a lot of interest in acting. So it doesn’t matter if it’s Korean movies, Chinese movies, or Hollywood movies, I definitely watch them a lot. I haven’t been able to show something worthy of being called acting yet, but like in a music video for the short part that I was able to show, I worked really hard.


Only five minutes. In order to feel Chanyeol’s positive energy, this allotted time is enough. While shooting under the strong sunlight, making the atmosphere more ‘up’ by saying “Think it’s March. Ah~ It’s warm,” is just the basics. Although he’s afraid of bugs, just looking at Chanyeol who shines when he is intrigued that he found a “baby cricket” shows his charm that makes one end up smiling. While mischievously fooling around and hitting D.O with a ‘pak pak’ (t/n: sound of a hit) noise, the reason why his image while be remembered for a while is because whenever a question is thrown at him, his eyes shine brightly.

Chanyeol. I was born on November 27th, 1992. I have a positive personality and I am the type that loves myself. It is thanks to inheriting my parents’ positive energy. Ever since I was young I liked people and with the sociability I raised from the playground, I gained a lot of love! Even now, at a funny timing, whatever action I do, I think the members enjoy it. Lately, thinking about my health, instead of body gags, I’m researching ways to be funny by eloquence. However, if I can’t do what I need to do because I’m hurt, I will be come depressed and stressed. In my third year of middle school, I saw Muse for the first time at Pentaport Rock Festival and fell for them completely. It was really cool that they could make such a cool sound with three members. If I were to go to a rock festival now, I’d probably be shaking my head with everyone and doing ‘slam.’ I started playing guitar since my first or second year of middle school. Possibly because I taught myself, I formed a hand habit. That is why I don’t just follow a song while listening like I did in the past but I am practicing in the direction where I master the basics. Ah, because my father recently gave me a good guitar for an early birthday present, I keep playing that. Constantly. (laughter) Ever since I was a trainee, I really liked rap but it is true that there weren’t a lot to chances for me to show that. Whenever I find the chance, like at a radio, I am preparing so I can show my best. Recently we’ve been going on variety programs a lot but I met Kim Bosung sunbae on KBS <Happy Sunday> ‘Mama Mia.’ I said I’d register the UFO Association, but I couldn’t yet. It’s because I haven’t seen (Kim Bosung) senior after the recording. The way to always win in rock paper scissors against the members is only by trusting myself. If I were able to migrate earthlings to EXO planet, besides a singer, I want to become a regular college student. Normally I enjoy webtoon <Cheese in the Trap>, but I have a romance of wanting to become a nice and warm college senior like Yoojung senior and buying food for my juniors.

Source: Ize
Trans by: nahbit & zesha @ exok-trans


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