130924 IZE Magazine – “EXO Suho, Lay’s Story“

Leading a team of 12 people at the age of 23 can be too much for some people. However, Suho who has been a trainee for a long time and thus earned practical experience since his early trainee days, is the type of leader who reacts in a neat way instead of raising his voice. However, when you talk with him and get over that nice and adult-like first impression, you can see a shy, strange and cute boy who nods his head repeatedly. Suho calls himself ‘an unexpectedly fun person’, and this is the reason why we agree with him.

Suho. Born on May 22nd 1991. I am EXO’s leader. I buy food to all the members, but I feel proud when my dongsaengs say they want to buy me food after enjoying what I bought for them. On the other hand, I feel a bit useless when I buy a member something to eat because I thought it’d be tasty and that the said member doesn’t find it good and leaves it untouched. (Laughs). Rather than my speciality, golfing is my hobby. When I was in middle school, it piqued my interest when I was at the fitness center and I even learnt how to play it for 6 months but my skills still aren’t good enough. Since I’m the leader, when we just debuted I was in charge of answering questions about EXO’s meaning and the album concepts, I was seen as a firm and exemplary character. (Lay : Our leader is really serious and works hard in everything. He’s cool.) However, I’m an “unexpectedly” fun person. (Laughs) People who haven’t talked with me and have only seen me being quiet probably won’t know about this but if you talk with me for 5~10 minutes, or if you exchange texts with me, you will be able to know how fun of a person I am ! On MBC EveryOne’s <Weekly Idol> D.O said about my face that “When he’s not moving he’s handsome but when he laughs he gets ugly”, honestly… I acknowledge the fact I’m not handsome when I laugh. (Laughs) If you watch MBC’s <I live Alone>, you’ll be able to feel how much I like being together with my fellow members. But when I’m tired and I want to sleep and that the members come into my room one after the other because they have things to tell me, I also tell myself I sometimes need time for myself only. If the earthlings were able to emigrate to EXO Planet, I would like to become a teacher who’d help students by teaching them my knowledge, helping them psychologically and by trying to understand their minds.

Because of his big eyes and long neck that are reminiscent of an herbivore animal, I guessed his personality would be calm and delicate. However, after seeing him on a variety program imitating Kristina with a serious face expression and shouting “Kim~chi~stew~” showed that, as expected, Lay was a twisted person. Seeing him reply actively to any type of question without hesitation and sometimes with a various vocabulary made me look forward to a remarkable character. Even though, of course, no matter how busy or how hard it is on him, the promise he has made with himself to never forget to say “Thank you” will stay the same.

Lay. I was born on October 7th 1991. I was asked ‘What’s the character that should be in the brackets in ‘ka na da ra ma ba sa ah ja cha ka ta () ha’ (T/N : It’s the Korean alphabetical order) before, and of course the answer is ‘pa’. Pa, pa Hip hop~ Yeah~ (Laughs). I am still diligently learning Korean. I’ve heard the expression ‘having swag’ from Sehun and used it once on a TV program. (Laughs). Baekhyun also teaches me a lot of interesting words but lately I’ve learned the word ‘energizer’. I like showering so the longest I can stay without showering is about 10 hours. Because I absolutely have to shower at least once every 10 hours, it could be a problem if water didn’t come out well in our dorm but fortunately, the installation in our dorm is well done so there’s always water. Haha ! I prelly much like all of Stephen Chow‘s movies. Among these, the funniest one is <Shaolin Soccer>. I want to have lunch with Teacher Lee Sooman once. If I were to pick the menu [for this lunch] I would of course enjoy pasta or pizza but the CEO will probably prefer something like kimchi stew so this is what I would order. I am in charge of the healing superpower in EXO. Even though I can’t heal the members in real life, whenever something happens I pray for all of them. If earthlings were to emigrate to EXO Planet, I would make them tasty food and eat with them. I want to eat tasty meals with the people I love while living happily.

Source: Ize
Trans by: saphira @ exok-trans


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