131025 EXO Official Website Staff Diary Update

Continuing on from the old ver.„
The new photos are here. ^^

Due to the fervent support of all you fans,
EXO has enjoyed a happy first album release era and is meeting everyone through a number of ways,
such as through the SMTOWN concert and a variety of other activities„

In order to always show you a better image, EXO has strived to practice hard today as well.

Time has passed in the blink of an eye and there’s not much left until the end of 2013..

The evaluation period for the results of EXO and everyone’s hard work is also awaiting us. ☞_☜

Praying for a wonderful wrap up, we hope today’s diary entry gives everyone a great amount of energy.

On we go to the first vitamin prescription for you all~!!

[1st Pill. Our name is EXO]

EXO-K and EXO-M have formed a whole


Those who boast babyfaces which rival that of the maknae,
EXO’s reliable protectors Kris, Xiumin, Luhan, Suho, and
– even though he’s not part of the eldest hyung line –
EXO’s man of many talents Chen; we are EXO~!

[2nd Pill. Korea’s Beatles]

If England has the Beatles
Then Korea’s Beatles are?


The perfect reenactment of the Beatles is~??
Successful~!! (^_^)v

[3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Pill…]

Even by just looking at them one by one,
the little balls of charm that fill you with a fresh energy~!!
Presented to you one after the other~!! (^3^)







[10th Pill. The last is??]

Xiumin, who enjoys his drink deliciously and
Luhan who is envious of his delicious drink~!!


Do you think that Luhan was indeed able to taste this drink? +o+

[11th Pill. The living vitamin Voice Park]

EXO, from Chanyeol
– who is filled with love for EXO -’s camera~!
In terms of appearance, the photos taken
through those lenses are grade-A material~ (^o^)b


[12th Pill. Vitamins that are a waste to just look at]

Even just by looking, the happy energy that bubbles over~~!!
Whenever, wherever, our wolves that never lose their smiles
and make us grin just by looking at them~!! (^3^)




You all know that the reason for our little vitamins’ smiles
is because of the prescription of your l.o.v.e, right? Hehe.

Even in the future, please continue~~~~to spray them with your prescription~!!

Now!! This brings us to the end of today’s vitamin prescription~!!

Running with us side by side,
there are sure to be tiring and exhausting events
but let’s all push on for EXO,
who are able to find strength because of you all~!!

“Get crushed three times~! Even if you cry around the sixth one~
If you overcome it five times, you begin to see the end of it~~!!”

The first result of your efforts will finally be revealed tomorrow morning~~!!!
Please fill your eyes with the vitamins given today
~~~ and push on! until the end~!!!


Source: EXO-K Official Website
Trans by: dailyexo



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