EXO Planet Addresses Army Exemption Petition Issue

With confusion and anger roaring on the internet, EXO Planet, one of the biggest EXO fanbases, made an official statement on the matter of rumored army exemption petitions.

Earlier on October 29, a post started spreading like wildfire on the internet. The post was of an ‘EXO fan’ who wanted people to start signing a petition to have the EXO members exempt from the army.

As the issue began to grow bigger, netizens began to badmouth EXO fans for tarnishing EXO’s image with ridiculous statements.

However, EXO fans are claiming that the statement is false and there are no petitions going around at all. The issue continued receiving a negative spotlight, pushing EXO Planet, which houses more than 100,000 fans, to release an official statement on its website.

“We don’t know if it’s an anti or a fan, but because of one person, many people are looking at EXO with negativity on portal sites, so we felt that we needed to address the situation as soon as we could,” said the statement.

“We never had any plans to sign a petition to help the EXO members get exempted from the army. We will not hold back on support and words of encouragement as EXO makes the right decisions. If they ever walk in the wrong direction, we will be hurt, but we will correct them with love in order for them to mature, if needed,” said EXO Planet. “We would like everyone to know that we have no involvement in this matter.”

The statement continued that if the issue continues to get exaggerated and the EXO members get hurts from it, the fanclub will take legal action on the person who spread false information.

Source: Mwave


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