Superstar K5′s Park Jae Jung Meets EXO

One of Mnet’s Superstar K5’s Top 3 participants, Park Jae Jung, finally got to meet EXO.

In order to show appreciation for showing support for him, Park Jae Jung decided to visit EXO’s Baek Hyun, Xiu Min and Chan Yeol.

Park Jae Jung had rearranged one of EXO’s hit songs, Growl, into an R&B version to sing for EXO, who upon hearing the song joined in with a beat box and harmony. 

The members jokingly said, “We’ve never heard this kind of an arrangement. We almost feel threatened that this song may be taken over by Park Jae Jung.”

EXO had supported Park Jae Jung by saying, “We’ve had our eyes on him since the beginning of the show. His voice is very unique, and he never gets nervous on stage. He looks more handsome in person.”

The three members of EXO continued praising him by saying, “If he continues like this, he will definitely win in the audition.”

Park Jae Jung was especially excited to meet EXO, revealing himself to be a hardcore fan, who had even memorized each member’s birthday.

Watch EXO on the next episode of Mnet’s Superstar K5 on November 8 and see the preview here!

Source : Mwave


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