EXO′s Xiu Min and Lay Fall in Love with Gopchang (Grilled Intestines)

Gopchang, a Korean dish composed of grilled cow or pork intenstines, may freak out a lot of people, but evidently, it′s a favorite dish of certain EXO members!
EXO′s Xiu Min and Lay guested on MBC’s radio show Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa as the special DJs on November 7.

Filling in for Super Junior’s Shindong, who is currently on tour with Super Junior, the two members of EXO hosted the radio show.

While hosting one of the programs on the show called ‘Real Korean,’ they introduced the Korean dish, ‘gopchang,’ which is grilled cow or pork intestines. Then decided that they want to try the dish themselves on the spot.

Lay, who claimed that he can’t eat spicy foods, couldn’t stop eating the spicy ‘gopchang’ stir fry, while Xiumin commented, “This has one of the best tastes of all time. I could eat this all day.”

Source : Mwave

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