EXO Chooses the Best Looking Member in the Group

While it may be an impossible task, the EXO members have decided to figure out who the hottest member is within the group.
MBC’s new show EXO’s Showtime will feature the members voting on who the handsomest member is in the group in its first episode, airing on November 28.

EXO’s Showtime is a Q&A style variety show where the members will answer questions that fans send over. In the first filming of the show, the members of EXO randomly picked out questions to answer from the pool.

Showing lots of energy and motivation for the show, the members gave out witty answers to each of the question picked out.

But when one of the questions read, “Who is the best looking member in EXO?” the members couldn’t come up with an answer right away.

Hesitating to answer, they said, “Each member has his unique charm, so it’s hard to answer this question.”

As there was no ready answer, the members decided to take it to a vote – with some members voting for each other, and some voting for themselves.

See who reigned on the first episode, which will air on November 28!

Source: Mwave


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