EXO to Hold Arm Wrestling Competition on ′EXO′s Showtime′

EXO to Hold Arm Wrestling Competition on ′EXO′s Showtime′

EXO members will be competing against each other to see who has the most arm strength.

On the December 19’s broadcast of MBC Every1’s EXO’s Showtime, EXO will try to answer the question, “Who is the strongest member of EXO” by holding an arm wrestling tournament
The members guessed before the competition started, that Xiumin and Lay will be the winners, and not D.O, who was chosen as the possible winner by fans.

Once the competition started, the members showed their desire to win by showing all their effort.

Tao, who has a special love for his jewelry even took off his rings to participate. The maknae Se Hun also showed his competitiveness by saying, “Will you go against me?” to his ‘hyungs.’

As the members guessed, Xiumin, Lay and Tao were the finalists. When Lay and Tao played against each other, the game was apparently so fierce that the table was displaced, putting the game on hold.

On the other hand, Kris, despite being tall, kept on losing and started begging, “Can I win just once?”

Source: Mwave

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