EXO’s D.O. Reveals His Meat-Grilling Skills

EXO’s D.O. Reveals His Meat-Grilling Skills

Going off on his first trip with the EXO members, D.O. unveiled his meat-grilling skills, attracting much attention.

Airing on January 2, 2014 on MBC every1, EXO’s Showtime will reveal the second story to EXO’s winter trip to the beach. Having taken a dunk into the winter ocean for their first trip together, the EXO members previewed that the upcoming episode will have a barbeque party along with other events that happened during their stay.
D.O, who has said multiple times in interviews that he’s in charge of the meat cooking during work dinners, was assigned to take care of the barbeque.

With Chen by his side, D.O. showcased his skills from lighting up the coals to his special grilling tactics, proving that he was in fact the real deal when it came to cooking meat.

However, for some odd reason, the other members refused to eat the meat cooked by D.O. and Chen, deciding to cook their own meat.

The reason why the members grilled their own meat and the incident that happened to D.O. and Chen will both be revealed on January 2.

Source: Mwave


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