EXO’s Chen Keeps His Promise by Singing ‘Nothing Better’

EXO’s Chen Keeps His Promise by Singing ‘Nothing Better’

EXO’s Chen kept his words by singing Nothing Better.

Chen had promised during the press conference for EXO’s Showtime that, “If the viewership ratings go over 1.2%, I will sing a song.”

MBC Every1’s EXO’s Showtime, which aired the first episode in last November, has been continuing to show a rise in ratings, with the show breaking the 1.2% mark after only three episodes.

Currently, the show averages about 1.385% after airing six episodes so far, with the highest rating recording 1.608%.

Having heard the good news, Chen kept his word by singing Nothing Better on the show saying, “Thank you for showing your support for EXO’s first variety show. I feel very happy.”

The other EXO members who watched Chen singing said, “Now the only thing left is for Su Ho to dress like a girl′” (Su Ho had promised to dress like a girl if viewer’s rating goes over 2.5%).

Chen’s singing will be aired through January 9’s broadcast of EXO’s Showtime.


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