‘Ssulzun’ Panel Says EXO is Lee Soo Man’s Retirement Plan

‘Ssulzun’ Panel Says EXO is Lee Soo Man’s Retirement Plan


The MC panel of Ssulzun shared their unique analysis on EXO.

During recent filming of JTBC’s Ssulzun, with the day’s topic being ‘How much do you know about EXO?’, the panel talked about the reasons behind EXO’s popularity.
Talking about EXO syndrome, Huh Ji Woong said, “I think they’re trying to make super heroes out of them, beyond the intention of marketing. We shall see if SM will make the Korean version of the Marvel Universe.”

About EXO shops, Kang Yong Suk said, “BWCW (EXO goods shop) is probably Lee Soo Man’s retirement plan. He can’t easily sell his company stocks, but he can sell the shops easily.”

Then Lee Yoon Suk added, “I foreshadow that SM’s twelve youngsters will be able to take care of Lee Soo Man when he becomes old and crippled,” making everyone laugh.

More details on the analysis of EXO’s popularity will be revealed through January 9’s episode of Ssulzun.

Source: Mwave


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