EXO’s Tao Dreams of Becoming an Action Movie Star

EXO’s Tao Dreams of Becoming an Action Movie Star

EXO’s Tao revealed his dream of becoming an action movie star.

A recent recording of MBC Every1’s EXO’s Showtime featured the EXO members setting special challenges for themselves.
EXO’s Tao revealed, “My dream is to become a great action movie star. I want to work on advancing my martial arts skills this year.”

Upon hearing this, the members revolted against his idea, revealing many of his daily activities.

But he gave a twist to his image of ′Girl Tao′ as Tao proved himself an advanced martial artist during the recording, showing off his kicking and nunchuck skills.

Tao’s martial arts master, Bruce Kahn, who previously choreographed action scenes for Jackie Chan’s movie, praised the EXO member’s skills saying, “He is good enough to be an action movie star.”

Check out Tao’s martial arts skills from the episode of EXO’s Showtime airing on January 16!

Source: Mwave

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