EXO’s Se Hun Puts Flour on Chan Yeol’s Face and Makes Fun of Su Ho’s Muffins

EXO’s Se Hun Puts Flour on Chan Yeol’s Face and Makes Fun of Su Ho’s Muffins

EXO’s Se Hun turned out to be the playful maknae of the group.

January 13’s broadcast of Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News featured EXO-K volunteering after being appointed as the honorary ambassadors of RYC.
EXO members visited a volunteer center in Jongno-gu on January 9, along with 20 other volunteers, to bake bread and cookies.

Upon receiving a governor’s citation beforehand, leader Su Ho said, “We will work hard as RCY’s honorary ambassadors and take initiative in volunteering in the future.”

Afterwards, the six members of EXO-K transformed into pastry chefs in order to start baking some goods.


Then Se Hun decided to get in a playful mode when Chan Yeol was doing an interview, by coming over and putting flour on his face.

Se Hun didn’t stop there, however. He also made fun of Su Ho by saying, “You really didn’t do this well. We have to start over because of leader hyung,” making everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, EXO-K was appointed the honorary ambassador of SM-RCY, which is mostly made up of SM trainees who have been volunteering since SM and the Korea National Red Cross joined hands in 2011 to make societal contributions.

Source: Mwave


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