[Project] Happy 24th Birthday to LUHAN!


Hi We are Luhan Fanbase! We’ve project to celebrate LUHAN 24th Birthday on April 20th, 2014 . This project is free, just use your creativity.

How to join :

– Write “Happy 24th Birthday to LUHAN” on the paper or other media.

– Write your wish for Luhan with hastag #HappyLuhanDay at the last. And you can add fanart, decoration and other.

– Include your name and country in the top left of the paper or other media.

– Take the picture of the paper with your self or only the paper~

– The Last, send it via e-mail to luhan.fanbase@yahoo.com or via twitter mention to @Luhan_Fanbase with hastag #Luhan24thBirthdayProject

Starting on : January 31th, 2014 – End : April 10th, 2014

All of your participation we will make a [Exclusive] Gallery and we’ll post in here!

Thank you for your participation ^_^


64 comments on “[Project] Happy 24th Birthday to LUHAN!

  1. Thank you for this wonderful project . I will participate with it ,And I hope I can do’re ugly. But i will do my best! Fight Fight! 😀

  2. Luhan.. I like you so much.. im is your huge fan from Malaysia ..I hope I can meet you one day 🙂 btw Luhan gege HWAITING! ❤ EXOtics will always support you guys 🙂 Saranghaeyo!

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  4. Huaa I will join this project. And I hope next year we can live give something to luhan and we can party together* its imposibble :’)

  5. Wow.This project sounds amazing. I wanna join but where can I write my birthday wish message including the hashtag? Hoho

  6. Can i submit my personalized work that I edited on a computer and not a handmade?. It’s sure i was the one who made it.

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