EXO Members Hold a Rap Battle on ‘EXO’s Showtime’

EXO Members Hold a Rap Battle on ‘EXO’s Showtime’

Grooving to the beat, the vocal line of EXO will participate in a rap battle.

On January 23’s broadcast of MBC every1’s EXO’s Showtime, EXO’s practice studio will be revealed. Everything from the members practicing together to individually training for a perfect performance will be broadcasted.
To practice for Miracles in December, Chen, Baek Hyun, D.O, and Lu Han loosened up their vocal chords before coming together to sing. After they freely had their practice time, helping each other with pronunciations and such, the members were given questions to answer.

The members received the question, “Which person raps the best?” They began to pinpoint to themselves, showing much confidence in their rap skills.

Baek Hyun called himself ‘Rap Byun’ and even spit out a rap on the spot. Chen, enjoying the beat, then pulled out some rhymes himself.

To judge the rap battle, Tao was pulled in. Before the battle began, Tao showcased a short rap in Officially Missing You Kris also joined the group to freestyle rap.

When the rap battle began, the members each challenged themselves to the rap parts of Growl, spitting out rhymes and uncovering their rapping skills. Baek Hyun, like he hinted before, did not disappoint in his performance, receiving a lot of cheers from the judges.

Source: Mwave


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