EXO’s Telepathy Ability to be Tested on ‘EXO’s Showtime’

EXO’s Telepathy Ability to be Tested on ‘EXO’s Showtime’

EXO’s telepathy superpower abilities were put to the test.

February 6’s episode of MBC Every1’s EXO’s Showtime will put the EXO members, who often claim ‘we are one,’ to the test to see if they really are one at heart.
The twelve members will each be locked into individual room, and will only be released when they all say the same answer to a question. Upon hearing about the mission, the EXO members showed their confidence, saying, “Let’s finish this within three tries.”

But unlike their expectations, the members hit a wall once the mission started.

When they got asked to ‘shout out the chant for EXO’s Showtime’ each member showed a different version of the chant.

As the mission dragged on longer, the members commented, “We will spend the whole night here” and “We live in the same house but have different thoughts…”

Among the other members, however, Xiu Min and Lu Han perfectly matched each other by saying the same thing with the same pose, surprising the staff at the filming site.

Don’t miss out on the episode of EXO’s Showtime featuring EXO’s telepathy ability on February 6!

Source: Mwave


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