EXO’s Extraordinary Song, Album, & Fandom

EXO’s Extraordinary Song, Album, & Fandom

EXO’s sound, album, and fandom are absolutely extraordinary, and it’s no wonder that they’re taking home multiple music awards.


EXO attended the February 12th ‘Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards’ and received awards for their album and fan voting popularity, for a total of 3 awards.


This brings the total number of main music awards to 6, as they’ve also received the main award at the MelOn Music Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards, KBS Music Festival, Golden Disk, High 1 Seoul Music Awards, and Gaon K-Pop Awards. They were the reigning idols of 2013.


The Album of the Year Award was split into 4 parts. When EXO’s name was called twice in a row, the announcer and EXO themselves were both surprised. EXO’s albums XOXO repackage album and Miracles in December both received an enormous amount of love, which helped them take home 2 awards in this category. EXO stated, “We want to thank our fans again and again. We really love you.”


EXO even won in the fan voting section, with a whopping 39.4% of the votes. EXO said, “Our fans gave us this award. We want to turn all the glory over to our fans,” and expressed their boundless affection. There are an enormous number of fans that support EXO, and EXO is always ready to return the favor out of thanks. That must be one of the many reasons why EXO’s popularity is going ever strong.


At the Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards ceremony, whenever EXO flashed on the screen, they were met with enthusiastic cheers from the audience. During their conversation, if any one of the celebrities handing out the awards even mentioned EXO, loud cheer erupted from the audience, which surprised everyone present. It was to the point where participants had to check and see if there had been a mistake in the broadcast.

Looking back on 2013, EXO is an entity whose presence cannot go missing at an awards ceremony. EXO performed “Wolf” and “Growl” for the broadcast’s last performance. EXO had an extremely busy season last year, and there’s great anticipation to their activities in the upcoming year as well. EXO stated in thanks, “In 2014 we will show EXO’s passion.”

Source: KpopStarz

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