‘Curious Story Y’ investigates anti-fan giving terror warnings to EXO

On February 28, SBS‘s ‘Curious Story Y‘ covered the case of an anti-fan who went by the alias Kim Yeo Shin as she recently gave a terror warning to popular group EXO. Kim Yeo Shin claimed that she had delivered a beverage with high-strength adhesive that sickened TVXQ’s Yunho back in 2006.  She further went ahead with more acts of terror in 2007 on the alleged grounds that her parents had passed away because of the sasaeng fans following TVXQ.

With her warning of terror towards EXO, many fans and singers alike became uneasy and concerned.  Some fans even did related searches, “Even if someone gives you a beverage, don’t drink it,” to warn EXO members.

‘Curious Story Y’ tried to dig up the true nature of Kim Yeo Shin in this episode.  They tracked the blog under an ID of the same name and they also took names that might be her real name and checked it with the student list at Korea University in which she claimed to be enrolled.  However, it appeared none of the names existed.

As a matter of fact, there appeared to be many inconsistencies in her story.  There were no fatal accidents on the day she claimed her parents passed away because of the supposed TVXQ sasaeng fans.  The person arrested after the Yunho incident was 22 years old at the time, but Kim Yeo Shin appeared to have been 15 at the time.  She also insisted that B.A.P was given a beverage with diarrhea-inducing medicine, but this proved to be a false rumor. 

In the end, nothing happened on the date Kim Yeo Shin had set in her terror warning. Rather, she uploaded an apology, saying she was an ordinary middle school student who happened to read the writings of EXO’s anti-fans that raised her curiosity. Consequently, she made a blog and started to leave messages as an anti-fan.  She said in conclusion that she would live more humanely from now on.  

It appears that all of this were the acts and claims of a simple anti-fan.  Regardless, idols should probably be more careful and have more protection as zealous fans and anti-fans show their feelings in stronger ways.


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