New Season of ‘Showtime’ to Air Following ‘EXO’s Showtime’

[Video] New Season of ‘Showtime’ to Air Following ‘EXO’s Showtime’

Backed by the popularity of EXO’s Showtime, MBC Every1 decided to air a second season of Showtime featuring another idol group.

With each episode of EXO’s Showtime gathering attention by ranking high on the list of most searched words and generating tons of articles each time, the show proved to be quite a success.

The first season of Showtime’s success was partly due to the popularity of EXO, but the ‘Q&A variety’ involving fans asking questions and stars giving the answers in a variety of ways also received many positive reviews.

The show also utilizes online and SNS feedback from the viewers to plan each episode, which satisified the public′s demand for immediate response.

MBC Every1 is currently looking for the second idol star to carry on the show’s second season. According to an affiliate, there is a possibility that the show will continue to feature different idol stars for each season

The new season of Showtime will broadcast in April.

Source: Mwave


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