[FROM. BAEKHYUN] “Hello I’m EXO’s Baekhyun

Hello. I’m Baekhyun who repeats reversals.

I used a little bit of English for today’s memory chatting.
I’m indebted to everyone’s love.. I want to leave more replies…
Since the homepage overloaded… couldn’t… couldn’t… I couldn’t write…ahaing…yaha…ahahahahaha kkya…hat…
Um… should I move on to the body!? (t/n: pass on to the body of his message)

April 8th is EXO’s two year anniversary!
I traced my memories back from when we first newly debuted!
Really, if you all didn’t exist, I would not exist either!

Everyone… I always am eating your love and living like that!! kyagaing~ >< yehet~! In the future, let’s all be together for a very, very long time ♡ I love you, mine!! ♡

I’m happy because of the fans’ love so growl!!♡

Source: exo-k’s website
Trans by:  zesha @ exok-trans


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