[FROM. CHEN] Hello. I’m EXO’s Chen.

Today is the day that’s been two years since we debuted!!
Because I’m recieving congratulations from so many people, I’m having a very good day^^
Is everyone having an enjoyable day?

There isn’t much left of today! Please spend it warmly.
This is of course the same for tomorrow as well!!!

That it’s the two year anniversary doesn’t feel real yet bt
When I think about the memories that I share together with fans during that time, it really feels like it was a happy two years. I love everyone. ^^

You’re going to make many memories together with us in the future right?

And the members that I’ve run together with for two years!!!!
Luhanie hyung, Xiumin hyung, Kris hyung, Suho hyung, Lay hyung, Chanyeolie, Baekhyunnie, D.O., Tao, Kai, Sehunnie
Everyone thank you and I love you.

EXO let’s love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: exom’s official site
Trans by: zesha @exok-trans

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