[FROM. KAI] It is everyone’s Kai.

Hello. It is everyone’s EXO, Kai.

Today is a special day for us.
Can you believe it is EXO’s second year anniversary already?

Once again, Kai felt that time fliers by really fast.

Starting with our debut with MAMA on April 8th, 2012 at Inkigayo
till last year, Growl, we endured everything with everyone during a fast period
and because I feel we overcame a lot of things, I am proud.

Hard memories, and the happiness of winning an award, we went through it all together.

So that is why when with the fans, I am very happy
and I feel that I can overcome anything, making me feel like sometimes this is all a dream.

If it is a dream, it is a dream I don’t want to wake up from and I wish
that that night’s dream is longer than the other days.

To that extent, the past two years have been precious to Kai.

This path that you’re walking with me.
Although rough and we may backtrack, if you are all happy, let’s continue walking together in the future~

ps. We came back from our China schedule and the fans’ cheers were really amazing.
I hope your throats that worked hard screaming aren’t hurt. Yap

Source: exo-k’s website
Trans by: nahbit @ exok-trans


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