EXO ‘Overdoses’ Fans With Its Charms at Comeback Show

EXO ‘Overdoses’ Fans With Its Charms at Comeback Show

EXO made its comeback this year with upgraded performance.

EXO held a showcase titled EXO Comeback Show on April 15 in Jamsil Arena, presenting its new title song Overdose along with its music video.

Opening the stage by performing Wolf and History, the EXO members took turns introducing themselves and greeting the fans before the group performed its hit Growl.

EXO ‘Overdoses’ Fans With Its Charms at Comeback Show

During talk time, EXO was asked about the process of preparing the new album and Baek Hyun answered, “We practiced a lot in order to show new sides of us. There is this one part where D.O has to lie down and the other members have to go on top of him to make a formation. I remember struggling to get the formation right.”

Chan Yeol added, “When we filmed the music video, it was shot in a one-take technique. When EXO-K was dancing, EXO-M had to run around to avoid being filmed, so it was fun.”

Before performing Overdose, Kai and Lay also showed a bit of their new choreography. Baek Hyun said, “I feel like our teamwork got better as we tried to get the right formation.”

The new mini alum contains a total of six songs. About title Overdose, Su Ho shared, “It’s an urban R&B dance song that expresses the heart of a man who has fallen deeply in love, as if he got overdosed with sweet medicine.”

EXO’s Su Ho also explained upcoming promotional activities by dividing up into EXO-K and EXO-M. “You don’t have to be sad about us promoting separately in Korea and China. We’re going to be presenting many special performances as a whole.”

Then he mentioned EXO’s solo concert coming up on May 24 and 25 in Olympic Gymnastics Arena, expressing his anticipation.

EXO ‘Overdoses’ Fans With Its Charms at Comeback Show

EXO then presented EXO-K’s version of music video for Overdose featuring fancy camera techniques, vibrant colors and EXO’s powerful performance.

Appearing on the stage dressed in white shirts, EXO started performing Overdose with the much discussed ‘formation’ movement. EXO-K started performing first, which was taken over by EXO-M and they came together again in the performance that lasted a little over three minutes.

EXO wrapped up by thanking the fans, “It is our showcase after two years, but your loud cheers have not changed,” and asked that the fans continue to show support for upcoming promotions.

The showcase ended by showing EXO-M’s version of Overdose music video.

Meanwhile, EXO will be performing its comeback stage on April 18 on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank and the album will be released on April 21.

Source: Mwave


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