EXO show off their charms, reveal Tao to be the crybaby & more on ‘Entertainment Relay’

EXO made fans love them even more with their individual charms on ‘Entertainment Relay’!

On the May 10 broadcast, Kai shared the funny episodes that happen because of their large member count, “Since we have a lot of members, if we don’t check, we always [accidentally] leave one member behind. We had a lot of such incidents.” Chanyeol added that the same thing happened to Baekhyun yesterday, “Baekhyun too. Yesterday, we finished practice and returned to our dorm but we got contacted by him. He asked, ‘Where are all the members?’ It turns out he was at the agency headquarters by himself.

The members also pointed to Tao as the adorable crybaby among the group to which Tao explained his tears at their fan meeting in Japan, “[The fans] were holding up glow sticks and when the lights turned off, I was very touched.”

When asked, “Who is the member who gets the choreography wrong the most?”, they chose Tao. Lay defended him, “When we dance, there’s a lot of versions. There’s a Chinese, Korean, stage, and music video version [a total of eight versions in all] so it’s a little bit confusing.”

When asked, “Who is the member that has the most [funny] talents?”, the members pointed to Baekhyun and revealed that he can imitate ‘You Who Came From the Stars‘ Chun Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun). Baekhyun then gave an explosion of aegyo with his “Boong boong ah, I’m sorry” phrase.

When asked, “Who is the member that looks like he can do ‘eating broadcast’ the best?”, everyone pointed to Xiumin who shared, “I love eating. Whenever I eat, I eat passionately”, and showed his charismatic ‘eating broadcast’.
Check out the full interview here and Xiumin in the clip below.


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