EXO Kris′ Lawyer Says Suit will be Settled Quietly

EXO Kris′ Lawyer Says Suit will be Settled Quietly

EXO member Kris is sending shockwaves with the news that he filed a suit to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment.

In charge of Kris′ case, Hankyul Lawfirm spoke with enews on May 15, saying, “We have filed a suit with the district court to terminate his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment over contractual terms.”

“The documents have been submitted to the court and we′re preparing for the lawsuit.”

EXO made a huge hit with its song Growl in 2013. The group recently released its new mini album Overdose and were carrying out promotions.

However, with its exclusive concert ahead from May 23 to 25, Kris requested for his contract to be terminated.

SM stated, “We′re very caught off guard. We′ll do our best for EXO′s promotions to continue running smoothly.”

“We will not be doing any more interviews with the press or revealing the details of the lawsuit,” said Hankyul Lawfirm. “We will settle this quietly.”

Source: Mwave

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