Tony Testa to Oversee the Production of EXO’s First Concert

Tony Testa to Oversee the Production of EXO’s First Concert

World renowned choreographer, Tony Testa will be a big part of EXO’s first exclusive concert.

On May 23 to 25, EXO will be holding its first concert, EXO From EXO Planet #1 – The Lost Planet at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

The overall production of the concert will be directed by Tony Testa, who will put on new and spectacular performances for the audience for all three days.

Tony Testa has previously worked with famous stars, such as Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Kylie Minogue, and more. He was also acknowledged through his work on TVXQ’s Catch Me and Something, SHINee’s Dream Girl and Everybody, and EXO’s Wolf and Overdose, raising the anticipation for what he’ll do next at EXO’s concerts.

The concert has been gaining much attention from Korea and overseas fans as it is EXO’s first concert since debut.

Despite busy schedules with the releases of its hit mini album, Overdose, EXO is said to be putting its heart and soul into preparing for the concert as well.

Meanwhile, EXO is currently promoting Overdose in both Korea and China.

Source: Mwave


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