SM Performance Director Speaks Out on EXO Situation

SM Performance Director Speaks Out on EXO Situation

With EXO Kris′ lawsuit against SM Entertainment still unfolding, SM Entertainment′s performance director, Greg S. Hwang (Hwang Sang Hoon), spoke out about the situation with EXO.

On May 17, Greg S. Hwang tweeted, “It was nothing more or less of a personal choice. It′s all the same conditions, but 11 remain, and 1 is trying to leave… The minority is weak and the majority is strong? The relationship between the strong and the weak?? In my opinion, that doesn′t apply to this situation. It′s just that person′s choice. He left without a word and the rest are just confused and sad.”

On May 15, EXO′s Kris filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract. SM Entertainment stated that it was caught off guard and is currently looking into the situation. The EXO members have also expressed their surprised and have been quite vocal about the situation through their SNS accounts.

Source: Mwave


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