SUJU’s Heechul Gives Insight to Current Situation with EXO’s Kris

[Video] SUJU’s Heechul Gives Insight to Current Situation with EXO’s Kris

During May 22’s broadcast of JTBC’s Ssulzun, Heechul criticized Kris’ decision to leave the group following his lawsuit against the company to terminate the contract.

About Kris’ decision to file the lawsuit, Heechul started, “In the case of Hangeng, he could only appear on a couple of Korean programs when he began promotions. There were many difficult situations for him to adapt to Korean broadcasts since he was a foreigner.”

Then he continued, “After experiencing the situation with Hangeng, the group was divided into EXO-K and EXO-M, in order to make up for the difficulties, and the fact that Kris’ situation still arose when he was promoting along with the other Chinese members make me think that he let down the trust of everyone. He left just a week before the concert, after all the choreography and movements on stage had been planned out. That’s not courteous of him to do, to all the fans who have been waiting.”

Heechul continued to share, “This actually could have been predicted. There have been internal struggles from before. Sometimes he would disappear from the stage or not show up to the company when there were schedules.”

When Park Ji Yoon said, “The other members criticized Kris by writing on their SNS,” Heechul emphsized, “There are many rumors saying that SM forced them to write those. But that’s not true. The ones that are most heart-broken right now are probably the EXO members and the fans.”

Source: Mwave


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