Nearly 200,000 members leave EXO’s fan cafe


Earlier today, INSTIZ released their updated chart for  ”2014 Male Idol Fan Cafe Rankings”. EXO had the largest loss in member count, far greater than any other group on the list.

EXO’s fan cafe member count dropped a total of 189,419 since the last update, leading to a total 118,552 members left. More than half of the total remaining fandom left the group since the update. However, it appears that the group has been losing members steadily for nearly 4 months.

Before the drop, EXO ranked at #3 for male Idol fan cafes below TVXQ (608,975) who lost 7,552 members, and BIGBANG (293,706) who lost 3,227 members. With the drop in membership counts, BEAST (273,578) with a less of 3,778 members moves up to the #3 slot.

EXO now ranks at #9, having dropped down five points in the standings so quickly, fans were left confused but optimistic, “No one really falls from scandals like this. Fans will soon get over it and continue to support EXO”.

Currently there is not much information on Girls Generations’ fandoms, or specifically Taeyeon’s. However, one of her bigger fansites – Expecto Patronum – has left a heartwarming message that floated around online amidst talks about the two’s relationship.

The message reads, “The only one thing I want to say is that while lots of things happened, I still love taeyeon unnie, love her performance, and love any moment she sincerely treats SONE. Whether it’s yesterday, today, or tomorrow, I support her forever. I love TY everyday.”

Source: INSTIZ, Expecto Patronum


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