EXO-M’s Luhan leaves an angry message on his Weibo towards sasaeng fans

EXO-M’s Luhan has left an angry post on his personal message directed towards sasaeng fans.

A few hours earlier, he posted, “Could you please stop following us, now? Isn’t this too severe? However, I won’t say what kind of words you have said.”

His message, though short, reveals the possible implication that although the sasaeng fans follow all of the EXO members, their response and negligence towards their actions are seemingly worse for Luhan. Following Kris’s lawsuit against SM Entertainment as well as fellow member Baekhyun’s four-month relationship with SNSD’s Taeyeon, sasaeng fans have found many reason to snoop beyond the personal boundaries of EXO for even more insight into the group’s current condition. As sasaeng fans’ main drive to continue their pursuits is the root of competition against other fans, following the group members and attempting to derive as much as possible is almost a needed task for them to accomplish.

EXO has mentioned the topic of sasaeng fans during various interviews before, though it is the first time any member has directly warned them via social networking. This brings additional concern regarding the already huge amount of sasaeng fans surrounding the rookie group. From sasaeng fans invading Baekhyun’s brother’s wedding to the selling online of D.O.’s briefs (as well as promised underwear from Sehun) for $94, proper DNA included, fans have been notorious with EXO’s matters of privacy, physically, emotionally, and electronically.

It is said that if you google EXO online, such results as these come up: “EXO sasaengs,” “EXO sasaeng shocking stories,” and “What EXO sasaengs did,” among others. After all, fans know addresses, locations, and cell phone numbers, as well as how to install cameras or invade in men’s restrooms or airplanes and take their desired pictures with the members. Almost nothing is an obstacle – distance, time, money, and difficulty, can all be overcome by these fans.

Stories about EXO sasaengs have been nonexistent for several months up until now, so fans could only guess what has been constantly occurring under the radar.

Regarding the topic, EXO commented through an interview, “[The situation about] Sasaengs is serious. More than affecting us, it makes us angry whenever they harm someone that is in no way related to us or the situation,” adding, “It is disheartening that since EXO is famous for its sasaeng fans, all fans, loyal or obsessed, are under the same title.”

The activities of sasaeng fans affect not only the group, but fans, staff, loved ones, and special events. What do you think should be done about EXO’s sasaeng fans?

Source: Ilgan Sports



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