Lu Han’s “Back to Twenty” stills, “Character resembles myself.”


Recently, Lu Han came into his own with his big screen debut, “Back to Twenty,” in which he plays a youth who dreams of rock and roll music, but does not have the approval of his family, save his grandmother. Then, the grandmother magically returns to her twenties, the age of blossoms; as her younger self, she even forms a band with her grandson. On the 23rd, Sina Entertainment captured a few exclusive stills; in them, Lu Han cradles a guitar, as if at any moment a voice will cry out, “I want it—a life in full blossom!” He revealed that his character shares some similarities with himself. When asked if he was as nervous as he was when he first began filming, Lu Han shyly responded, “I’ve already adapted to the cast’s rhythm, but I’m still slightly nervous on the first take of each scene!”

I’m not nervous! Lu Han: But I still am on each first take


Lu Han is the popular Korean group EXO’s Chinese member; this Beijing youth has a delicate face, from youth has enjoyed the title of the most handsome boy in school, is also a “Football Prince,” and was keen on cultural activities; from high school, he had many fans. In Lu Han’s world, singing and football were merely dreams. After debuting as a member of EXO, Lu Han, besides his handsome face, the strength of his singing and dancing has been widely praised, and is the most popular of the Chinese EXO members, with even a casual Weibo update quickly reaching 100,000 reposts. But after debuting for over two years, he has not experienced being an actor earnestly portraying his character; the film “Back to Twenty” is officially Lu Han’s first time. Before beginning filming, Lu Han revealed his nervous state of mind, fearing a poor performance.


These days, the Lu Han who has nervously filmed quite a few scenes of “Back to Twenty” in Tianjin has been praised for his strong learning ability and quick wit. When asked if he was as nervous as he was when he first began filming, Lu Han shyly responded, “I’ve already adapted to the cast’s rhythm, but I’m still slightly nervous on the first take of each scene!”

Rock and roll youth! Lu Han: some aspects of my character are similar to myself

“Back to Twenty,” with Wilson Chen, Kuei Ya-lei, Yang Zishan, and Lu Han as the lead role, tells the story of an old grandmother who magically becomes her twenty-year-old self again, and forms a band with her grandson. On this fantastical adventure, male lead Wilson Chen and Lu Han, who plays the role of the grandson, even nearly become love rivals over “grandmother.” To our knowledge, the film is the Chinese version of the Korean film, “Miss Granny.”


“This character is similar to myself in some ways, so there isn’t as much pressure in acting.” He has also received attention for his passion for singing, leaving his hometown and working hard to ultimately be able to debut. Lu Han’s experience truly bears points of resemblance to his character in the film. Furthermore, portraying a rock and roll youth, being in intimate contact with the guitar like in the stills is essential. And does Lu Han know how to play the guitar? In fact, he has learned a bit, and the cast especially asked the producers in charge of the film’s music to teach him.

“The grandmothers (referring to the actor for the elder grandmother Kuei Ya-lei, and the actor for the younger grandmother, Yang Zishan) treat me very well, and tell me not to be nervous, relax, and patiently give me advice.” Grandson Lu Han gives the grandmothers a thumbs up to express, “I’m very happy that I received this kind of role as my first performance and am working together with such outstanding senior actors and staff.”’

Trans: fy-exo | Source: Sina


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