EXO′s Chen Shows Off Rookie Skills on Wakeboard


EXO′s Chen Shows Off Rookie Skills on Wakeboard

Challenging himself in something new, EXO′s Chen tried riding a wakeboard.

In a recent photoshoot with creative lifestyle magazine, The Celebrity, Chen mentioned that he would like to try a new water sport in time for the summer, choosing wakeboard riding.

Wakeboard is a sport that not only gets rid of the heat, but works out the entire body. Despite his busy schedule, Chen began to work out his legs and hips several days in advance, even studying about wakeboard equipment before actually testing it out 

Upon arriving at the wakeboard training facility, Chen was given a lesson on audiovisual education as well as basic gesture lessons with his teacher Park Sang Min. He then went into actual practice after changing into a wet suit and surfing pants.

Ahead of actually getting on, Chen said, “I heard that novices keep falling into the water. Honestly, my goal today is to stand up.” In the midst of everyone′s anticipation, Chen road through the waves and succeeded his goal in his first riding.

“It′s really rare that a novice stands up in the first try. I think he is very athletic and full of stamina,” said Park Sang Min.

Chen continued, pretty satisfied with his experience, “I can still hear the sound of the boat′s engine and the wind passing through my ears. I didn′t just enjoy the waves today, but I also had my fill of nature and youth.”

Chen′s special day will be available in the July issue of The Celebrity.

Source: Mwave


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