140724 Luhan Weibo Update!


今天我人生的第一部电影杀青了! mb_org.gif 在这段时间里真的很感谢 归亚蕾老师,子珊姐,柏霖哥,陈正道导演还有所有前辈们和剧组所有工作人员对我的帮助和鼓励! shamea_org.gif 我学到了很多东西! 我会继续努力! 很荣幸和大家一起拍电影!^^希望有机会还可以一起合作! @归亚蕾 @杨子姗@陳柏霖@陳正道 laugh.gifshamea_org.gif

“I’ve finished filming my first movie! During this period of time, I really want to thank teacher Gui Ya Le, Zi Shan noona, Bolin hyung, director Chen Zhengdai, all my seniors and all the staffs that helped and encouraged me! I’ve learned many new things! I will continue to work hard! I feel really honoured to film with you guys. I hope that we will have chances to work together in the future!”





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