EXO′s Chan Yeol to Be the Main Character in H.O.T MV for ′EXO 90:2014′

EXO′s Chan Yeol to Be the Main Character in H.O.T MV for ′EXO 90:2014′

Getting ready to examine their seniors, the EXO members will be summoning H.O.T as Mnet EXO 90:2014′s first Kpop leader.

As a first generation Kpop group that constructed a new industry and moved the world, H.O.T has been chosen as a group that cannot be left out from EXO 90:2014, especially with stars of today confessing that they were fans of H.O.T before their debut.

H.O.T′s Kangta, who has given EXO his support, will be reminiscing about his glory days with the EXO members in episode 1, while looking through 90s memorabilia.

The H.O.T episode of EXO 90:2014 is expected to make one hour of Kpop Time Slip pass by quickly with all of the group′s hit songs and music videos, such as A Warrior′s Descendent, Candy, Happiness, We Are the Futre, and more.

Kangta also revealed several stories and secrets about H.O.T to EXO and later stated, “H.O.T is like home to me.”

The first ′90:2014′ version music video will be revealed as well in this episode. The star of the H.O.T music video will be Chan Yeol.

In the behind-the-scenes cut, Chan Yeol was seen sitting on a piano, making fans wonder what song and music video it will be.

EXO 90:2014, which plans on connecting the stars of the 90s and 2014 together, will begin on August 15.

Source: Mwave


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