miss A’s Jia Wants to Film ‘We Got Married’ with EXO’s Tao

miss A’s Jia Wants to Film ‘We Got Married’ with EXO’s Tao

miss A’s Jia freely expressed her charms in a recent photoshoot with bnt.

In a recent photoshoot with bnt, Jia showed off her different charms by pulling off sexy and bohemian to minimal concepts.

Before the photoshoot began, Jia explained the tattoos on both of her ankles.

She said, “On one ankle, there is a compass inside the heart, pointing east, west, south and north, and on the other ankle, it says ‘follow your heart’ inside the heart. It means to go towards the direction your heart points to when you feel lost. I decided to get them because I loved the meaning.”

In the interview that followed, Jia said “My glamorous body has been hidden. I’m in charge of the lower tone in miss A,” as she smiled shyly.

About her friendship with Hyuna, Jia shared, “We’re close. We’re close to the point where we meet up in the middle of the night to eat something. We also talk about fashion frequently.”

About which program she would like to challenge herself in, Jia said, “Running Man and We Got Married. Running Man because I love Kwang Soo oppa and I think it’d be fun to appear on We Got Married with EXO’s Tao. The actors who I would like to work with one day are Chinese actor Daniel Wu and Korean actor Lee Min Ho.”

Source: Mwave


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