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Introduction: Yes, today Sina reporter will be interviewing Luhan . At this special period is not suitable to talk about the past, neither about the future as the future is unpredictable. So now, we shall talk about what is Luhan going through currently.

Recently , Luhan and his team are busy promoting his new movie <Back To 20> , this is also his very first movie work. We have also talked to the director of this movie Leste Tan , with regards to Luhan performance. Director Leste Tan, gave a definite answer, he praised Luhan that he is smart and fast in reacting, as Luhan is from Beijing in term of script baseline he has innate advantage. Talking about this grand virgin work, Luhan personally admit that he does enjoy the process of movie filming and slowly know how to open up himself. But, one of the kissing scene in the movie make Luhan blush whenever he think about it, even up till now. While covering his ears with his both hand he said: “ I am a shy person. ”

I am shy person, was one of the sentence that Luhan constantly repeated throughout the whole interview. Luhan also admit that he is afraid to talk to strangers. When he was being ask If he think of himself as a good-looking guy, he was shy. When he took pictures with his idols Wong Lee Hom, Jay Chou & JJ Lin, he was shy. During the filming of kiss scene in <Back To 20> it was the staff who notice that his ears turned red while looking through the stage photos. When the staff exposed this to the reporter, Luhan tried stopping him adorably by saying “Don’t talk about “”Don’t Don’t Don’t ”

Of course , the staff refuse to give up this opportunity to tease him & continue, “He is our source of joy, whenever we are free we will always tease the both of them.” The staff also revealed that the “two people” they were talking about, one of them is actually Luhan best friend LaoGao (Cobby) . He was sitting opposite of Luhan during the interview & he was also included in the process of interview. Being the person that staff always like to tease on, Luhan obediently surrender and said: “I feel that is quite fun, to be able to create a better atmosphere. ” Whereas LaoGao helplessly said, “I am always the one getting hurt. ”

Currently, LaoGao popularity is increasing among Luhan fans, whenever fans could not find Luhan movement in his weibo. They will go to LaoGao weibo to find Luhan traces. As an old friend of Luhan, in LaoGao eyes during school days Luhan has been a mischievous person, now he is also an interesting person. Although Luhan is being honour as a super idol, he see no difference in him. “What you guys see, is the real him” During the interview when he was being asked about his personality, Luhan ask LaoGao for his opinion. Examples, “Xiao Lu, are you a male chauvinism person ? ” , LaoGao “No, no.” , “Xiao Lu, do you have a tyranny director side?”
Everyone looked at LaoGao, which make LaoGao feel hurt & said “How could you ask me this type of question! ” One of the main reason why LaoGao is Luhan best friend is because of his phlegmatic character. 小鹿快跑 (Is a Chinese phrase which mean deer run fast) is not just a saying. In reality, Luhan walking speed is really fast. He always jog while walking , a impetuous person like Luhan need a phlegmatic person as his friend to balance out.

Luhan , had his first debut oversea in 2012 , being an artist for two years has gain him overwhelming popularity. One of his Weibo post hit over ten thousand comments, and he even got a guinness record due to this. Press conference in Beijing that Luhan attended are always filled with fans from all around the world. When Luhan first solo soundtrack <Our Tomorrow> was released, fansites/fanbases from all around the world sent him flower basket, and also work together to create the best new record for the number of times his MV was being played. These hardcore fans are the pillar of strength to Luhan. He also admit that he was once afraid of how is he going to continue in future, but with the supports from fans, friends and family encouragement, he drop off this feeling.

When talking about his plan in future, Luhan constantly mention the four words “順其自然˝ which means let nature take its course. He also revealed that he is an optimistic person, “行就行,不行就算“ which mean, can mean can, cannot then forget it. Of course, there must be effort being put in too. He also mention that be it in singing or acting there is still a lot of thing he need to continue learning.

Back to his hometown at the age of 24 , on one hand he has his popularity as base, on the other hand he has yet to open up his market. Luhan said that, this contradiction is his motivation to move forward, he also mention “ Is still must look toward high point , treat this as the starting point , continue moving forward.”

[First time getting in touch with movie, first quarreling scene in movie.]
楊晉亞:<Back To 20> is your first movie, do you think acting is difficult for you?
Luhan : After all I am a newbie in acting, this is my first time acting in a movie, and also with no acting techniques , it was quite stress. But lucky , this was a distinctive character which was rather quite similar as me , is those type that will keep pursuing our dream & the spirit of not knowing how to give up.

楊晉亞 : How do you figure out acting this role?
Luhan : In the beginning, I watched the korean version <Miss Granny> a lot of times at my character, and figure out If it was me how would I act it out naturally. How naturally, how to start off.

楊晉亞 : Do you still remember what is your first scene?
Luhan : In the first scene, I was in the living room quarreling with my twin sister. Because our father in the movie, was going to send our granny to the old folk home. At first, I was still unable to open up myself & NG a lot of times, & I tried to overcome it. At that point of time there were a lot of people beside , after that I tactically agree that there is no one there, there is no one there. Must get angry, must be natural, just be like how I am when I get angry usually.

楊晉亞 : So do you get angry often ? You have a pretty harmless looks.
Luhan : I don’t really get angry easily , my temper is quite good. Unless , my friends or family get bullied.

楊晉亞 : Can you still remember how many times have you NGs? Was it stress?
Luhan : NGs a lot of times, can’t really remember. Very nervous, sometime when I am in the right mood I get stuck on my lines, sometimes when I completed my lines but I am not in the right mood. It was awkward at first but after I opened up myself I slowly get used to it.

楊晉亞 : Previously when you filmed for MV there were also some acting part, how different do you feel as compared to filming movie?
Luhan : There is a big difference between filming MV & movie. In MV there is no lines, all I have to do is to act, but it was quite difficult as well. First time filming a movie, after saying the first line, then I knew . Woah , saying lines is really difficult. Need to be natural & cannot get stuck at lines, still need to continue learning.

楊晉亞: Was it a difficult task for you to memorize the script?
Luhan:It was not difficult for me to memorize the script, it was quite easy for me. Because I am still young , memory are good. But how to say out the lines naturally and how to express my feeling are difficult.

楊晉 亞: I have asked the director privately, he have rather good comments on you. He said that you’re way better than his expectation, you’re good in speech and smart too. Do you personality think that you have talent in acting?
Luhan: Is not really good for me to say about this, I am a shy person and I am still a newbie, there are a lot of thing I need to work hard on. I do not have a very good base , I have not learn acting before, I need to go for basic acting classes to learn more. Film more movie, get more understanding, learning for the senior actor and gain more experience. I will definitely enroll in acting classes If I have the chance to do so.

楊晉亞 : Do you enjoy filming? Are you used to the working pace and the way they work?
Luhan: Filming movie is quite interesting, so I would still like to try out different roles. Would take this challenge, this is another new area for me. In the past, although I am having the same camera on stage, but the standing position and filming angles are different. Is quite new to me.

[When talking about kiss scene shy Lu mind went blank.]

楊晉亞: There was a scene where Yang Zi Shan kiss you, how did you felt at that moment?
Luhan: I don’t know and I forgot about it, my mind was blank at that point of time, maybe my ears will be red, because I am a shy person. (Staff added: we found his ears was red in the stage photo.Luhan shyly touch his ear) ZiShan Sis said all you have to do is just stand there, I will help you. Because is at a granny position, when you feel that your grandson is about to success , is like kissing of grandson. Not what everyone is thinking about.
楊晉亞:Actually the scale of this movie is quite small, and you’re already so shy. What are you going to do If there is kissing scene in future?
Luhan: Might be a little awkward, but If there a need for the scene I will try my best to do it. I will be shy.

楊晉亞: Where is your baseline? What kind of movie are those that you would definitely not film?
Luhan: I will look at the script first, if is a good script. I will follow the director request.

楊晉亞: What about movie like <Lust, Caution> ?
Luhan: This might still be far from me.

楊晉亞: It is okay for you to show your chest muscle etc?
Luhan: This is okay. As I would like to show my manly side.

楊晉亞:What kind of movie for you think is suitable for you?
Luhan: My acting skill is still not very good , as for now distinctive character will be more comfortable for me. After learning, I would like to challenge more roles. For me personally I still prefer comedy, as I am an interesting person. Everyone can go and watch <Back To 20> where there will be a lot of surprise scene and I will show more of my comedy side.
楊晉亞:Will it be possible for you to film TV series? Do you watch TV series usually ?
Luhan:For TV series If there is any chances or any suitable role for me I will definitely take up the challenge. When I have the time I will just switch on my TV and watch some random show. I watched quite a number of foreign film not long ago. Actually, I watch anime more often <Attack On Titan> Too violent, I like. The recent trend, <Tokyo Ghoul> . When I was young I like to read comic.

楊晉亞 : Do you watch after a few episodes is out or chase every episode on time? Do you dislike people telling you the content beforehand?
Luhan: I don’t chase every episode on time. I would watch after a few episode is out. It doesn’t really matter If people tell me the content beforehand, If they don’t tell me I will watch it myself.

楊晉亞: If you are being asked to act as a big villain or someone who has been through a lot of hardship, would you mind?
Luhan: I am fine with both, but for now i think that I still do not have the ability to determine myself in this area. Still need to understand more.

楊晉亞: Do you take note in China variety show? Is it possible that you might go on one of them to play?
Luhan: I don’t have much time to watch recently , but I heard of <Where are we going, dad> etc, because everyone is discussing about it. I am willing to go and play, Maybe I can try out some idol soccer real life show, such as attending training, going for competition, VS professional soccer players. If there is such variety show, I think I will be very interested to participate.

楊晉亞: What kind of music style do you like? Do you have any favourite China Singer?
Luhan: I prefer R&B & HipHop style more, sometime soothing music too. For China singer, I like their music as long as they produce good music works. Example like, Wong Lee Hom, Jay Chou & JJ Lin. Whenever I go to KTV I will sing their songs.

楊晉亞: Are you a mic hog person in KTV? What song do you usually sing?
Luhan:I am not a mic hog person, I will sing together with friends who went with me. Depending on my mood that day , when I am feeling happy that day I will sing high songs. If I am feeling down I will sing soothing songs.

楊晉亞:If I am not wrong you have met Wong Lee Hom, Jay Chou & JJ Lin before right? It was under what kind of circumstances?
Luhan:I met them all at once, it was on Jackie Chan birthday concert. When I was young I listen to their music, now that I am performing on the same stage as them, I felt quite miraculous. I was very shy at that point of time, I have got no idea what to say. So I just said let’s take a photo, I was carrying a fans feeling when I asked for a photo.

楊晉亞:Was it an easy task for you to sing and dance at the same time?
Luhan: This is what I have been trained constantly everyday to get used to it, so is not really very tiring.

楊晉亞: If you are given a chance to choose, to be a sing & dance singer or a quiet soul singer which one do your prefer more?
Luhan: I like both and would also like to try out other different style of music. Maybe when I get older, I would choose rap & rock style of music. These are the two style which I do not have much chance to get in touch with. If I get in touch with them more, I will challenge it.

楊晉亞: If you have the time , what musical instruments would you like to learn?
Luhan:If I have the time I would definitely learn musical instruments. I wish to learn how to play guitar the most. During the period when I was filming <Back To 20> I learned abit of guitar, and I find it quite interesting thus I would like to learn more about guitar.

楊晉亞: Will you try writing lyrics and composing music?
Luhan: To be honest , I think that I am not talented in this. But I will definitely give it a try, still need to work hard on it.

楊晉亞:Have you ever give a thought on your first solo album like what kind of concept will you play with?
Luhan: I have not think much about this yet, but this is also a secret. I will definitely give my own opinion on this.

楊晉亞: Which area do you hope to develop at in future?
Luhan: I wish to see myself develop in movie & singing at the same time. But I personally prefer singing a little more.

[If I am in a relationship I will announce it personally. interaction with fans: as long as they are happy is fine]

楊晉亞: Do you think that you are a good looking guy?
Luhan: I don’t know, what do everyone think ? I am shy.

楊晉亞: Do you have idol burden?
Luhan: I don’t have idol burden at all. Those who have watched before my variety show they will know that I am the expression king. I really want to change this point. Unknowingly, I will show rather ugly expression.

楊晉亞: What do you think your fans like most about you?
Luhan: Like my nature? They always say that is cute. But I feel that I am quite manly though. Maybe sometime I look foolish. (LaoGao: Nature foolish) Good in sport. (Staff expose: actually he want people to say that he is good in sport the most) Yes, being the most professional soccer player among all artists.

楊晉亞: What position do you usually play as in a soccer match?
Luhan: I prefer playing frontline,sometime midfielder.

楊 晉亞:What kind of state are you usually in when you’re watching a soccer match? You like Manchester United so much, what is your attitude toward other teams?
Luhan: I am usually in a very excited state whenever I am watching soccer match. I usually watch live broadcast, eat snacks while watching, when I am very agitated I might turn a round. I have not much feeling for the rest of the 19 team in premier league.

楊晉亞:Other than soccer , what are the other sports you are good in?
Luhan: I like a lot of sports, basketball, ice skating, ice hockey, billiard, table tennis. But I don’t dare to try Bungee jump & parachute . Fear of height is my achilles heel.

楊晉亞:Nowadays there are a lot of variety shows that force artist to play sport that is over their limit, what would you do if you face this kind situation?
Luhan: To be honest, I will not participant in this kind of variety show. I might feel uncomfortable by just thinking about it. My fear of height is those type that I can’t look outside, there are window on planes, I know that I am at a very high height. It is a torture for me whenever I am on plane. So if I can drive car to the destination, I would. I don’t mind leaving a few days earlier.

楊晉亞: Being in the showbiz industry, it is unavoidable to have rumors. How to manage those rumors?
Luhan: I feel that if yes mean yes, if no mean no. I will be very honest, I will announce it myself. I would rather show the real me then hiding here and there.

楊晉亞: What would you do If your fans do not accept it and leave you after you announce your relationship?
Luhan: I feel that let nature take its course, we all have to learn to grow up. All I can do is wish her all the best and thanks her for supporting me for such a long period of time.

楊晉亞: I have also chat with some of your fans, some of them treat you as their ideal type, while some treat you as their younger brother. How do you feel when so many girls treat you as their younger brother?
Luhan: I feel that I can be elder brother, is better being an elder brother That’s more manly.

楊晉亞: If your fans want to encounter you by chance, under what situation will they be able to do that?
Luhan: Come to my event often. It depend on fate, don’t pursue it purposely.

楊晉亞: My colleague saw you by chance at a cafe previously.
Luhan: I Iike drinking coffee. I have to drink one cup of coffee everyday, but now I don’t have the chance to buy it. I like to drink bitter , iced americano.

楊晉亞: If fans ask for a photo with you, would you agree ?
Luhan: If the situation allowed I would agree, sometime I scare that it would affect the safety of everyone. I would usually take a group photo with everyone after every concert.

楊晉亞:Your fans really did a lot for you, what would you like to say to them?
Luhan: I am really grateful to them. I wish that everyone take note of safety, be happy and healthy. Everyone to be happy that would be enough. Thanks to everyone that support me, I will continue to work hard and use my action to prove it, there is not a need for sweet words. I will do positive things and I wish that I can use the correct way to lead everyone of you.

[Talking about future, optimistic Luhan has got nothing to be afraid of.]

楊晉亞: There was a period of time your body was unwell, how are you feeling now?
Luhan: I am still in the process of recovering, listen to doctor advice, follow doctor instruction. Can sleep well now, recovering pretty well.

楊晉亞: As you just return back your hometown, are you afraid of future?
Luhan: Not really, Maybe a little. But because there are fans and family and a lot of help given by friends. This kind of thinking went off quite fast.

楊晉亞:Your Dad and Mum must be glad that you are home, do they have any expectation from you?
Luhan: My Dad and Mum feel that it was great, they say that as long as I am happy and healthy that is enough. They don’t seek after much.

楊晉亞: Do you wish to create a path for your future or let nature take its course?
Luhan: Firstly, I am more toward to let nature take its course. Secondly, is to discuss with the team.

楊晉亞:Are you the type of person who like to make the decision yourself?
Luhan: Not really, but I will have my own idea too. I can make compromise.

楊晉亞:What method do you use to release your stress? Do you find someone to talk to?
Luhan: When there is no one to find, I release my stress myself. But this is a secret. (LaoGao: He is optimistic. )

楊晉亞:Since you’re so optimistic, what makes your unhappy?
Luhan: Long journey flight and not able to play soccer.

楊晉亞:Usually optimistic people have a grief soul, are you such person?
Luhan: *LAUGH*(Trying hard to think of sometime sad )(Staff:You think too highly of him.*LAUGH*)
楊晉亞:Do you think you will be in showbiz industry If you did not went to Korea?
Luhan: I think that Yes, but maybe I will have a different life. My dream is to be a soccer player when I was young. This was my first dream, my second dream is to be a Singer.

楊晉亞:You have a lot of fans that support you, on the other hand there are still a lot of people in China who doesn’t understand much about you. Does it troubled you?
Luhan: I don’t find that it troubled me, in fact is a kind of motivation. Those who want to know about me, let them know about me. I don’t have specific target.

[Not against the idea of “BBR” CP “My Dad and Mum are more anxious for grandchild “]

楊晉亞:What’s your definition for friendship? What type of people can be friend with you?
Luhan: I think it depend on feeling. After so many years, friend enough, loyal enough. (POINTING TO LAOGAO) People of his personality, are people I can be friend with I guess. I am a impetuous person , I like to be with people who personality balance out with mine. (LaoGao:I am a phlegmatic person, I do things really slow, there is nothing I can’t tolerate )

楊晉亞:Tyranny director is currently the latest trend, are you the tyranny and possessive type when it comes to relationship?
Luhan: I feel that those scene only appear in high school idol drama. In a relationship, as long as you’re a guy you will have the possessive mindset.

楊晉亞:Will you make the first move when it come to a girl who you’re interested in?
Luhan: Of course , I am the type of person who will make the first move. I will forget about it, If I got rejected. But If l really like her, I will press on to the end .

楊晉亞: What type of girls do you like?
Luhan: Any type, it depend on the person, and the overall feeling she give me. If the feeling is good, not matter what kind of personality she have I will tolerate. Both parties have to compromise.

楊晉亞:Do you have any goddess in the showbiz circle?
Luhan:There is none currently, as I am not still familiar with any yet.

楊晉亞:At what age do you intend to get married?
Luhan: My original plan was quite early, 27 or 28 , it was actually my parents request . I belong to the quite traditional type . I may not continue in this industry after two years. My parents are more anxious about grandchild.

楊晉亞: What are your parents ideal type of daughter-in-law? Will they force to you go for blind date?
Luhan: My parents respect my decision they will not force me to go on blind date , Because they know I won’t go If they force me to do so. I am very against toward the idea of blind date , feeling is the most important to me.

楊晉亞:Have you ever thought of having a girl or a boy If you become a father?
Luhan: I like both. Is better If there is one girl and one boy. Of course, is possible now as the government have approved the policy. I read the news previously, those sole child born in the 90s are able to have two children. I was scrolling through weibo and saw it occasionally, I did not purposely search for it.
楊晉亞:How do you look at CP especially BBR do you feel uncomfortable with it?
Luhan: Uncomfortable not really, after all everyone have different liking. We are true friendship, If people like to think it that way, let them think it that way then. I feel that is alright, because I don’t take it on heart. Just that I find it quite amusing.

楊晉亞:That is the end for today interview, thank-you Luhan !

Luhan: Thank-you everyone.

Conclusion: Luhan has a really cute appearance, in <Back To 20> everyone focus on his “national grandson” title. But those that like Luhan will know that he do not prefer this style. “I wish to be more manly””I wish to show more of my manly side ” when speaking of this sentence Luhan will straighten up his back while sitting. But with his signature smile, he look more cute. During the interview, Luhan reveal that he seldom get angry unless is for the sake of his friends and family, indeed this is a manly act. After being praised by the editor, Luhan was very happy and said “Thank-you, finally I heard manly. ”

As there are still a lot of things awaiting to be confirm. Therefore, there are a lot of restrictions in the question being asked . When some question were rejected by the staff, Luhan will say “Sorry” softly. Luhan is really very polite. Everytime, after he changed his clothes and he spot the editor at the side, he will bow to greet.

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  1. …am as a fangirl of exo i was so proud and grateful that my idol do his movie succesfully..always know that we’re always here for you no matter what..and i hooe that you have agood health.. ,always keep in touch and know that Gid is always with u..

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