[OFFICIAL] LUHAN – SINA Exclusive Interview






Introduction: Yes, today Sina reporter will be interviewing Luhan . At this special period is not suitable to talk about the past, neither about the future as the future is unpredictable. So now, we shall talk about what is Luhan going through currently.

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Luhan’s Lawsuit Against SM Entertainment To Going Through Arbitration

Luhan’s lawsuit against his agency, SM Entertainment forwarded to arbitration.

The lawsuit previously filled on October 10th stating that SM didn’t fulfill the exclusive contract which previously they agreed. With this arbitration, both sides can solve this issue amicably without taking this issue to the court. If you remember, previously, Wu Yi Fan’s case also going under arbitration but they failed to get the agreement and continue till now.

Luhan stated on his lawsuit that SM treated EXO-K and EXO-M differently. He said that EXO-K get more support and promotion activities while EXO-M got less.

SM Entertainment replied that this lawsuit has continuously repeated with the same method. SM said that they terminate the contract after they receive popularity and want to gain personal fame.

Source: KoreanUpdates